10 Things We Can Learn From Our Dog

It’s hard to concentrate on work (writing or otherwise) on lazy, hot summer days. I just want to be rocking in a hammock with a glass of iced tea! So today I’m taking a break and blogging about something totally different.

Recently I was reading the morning newspaper (yes, GULP, I still actually read a newspaper) and saw this sweet list I wanted to share with you:

10 Things My Dog Taught Me
-There is great beauty in the quiet stillness. Let it envelop you.
-Sniff it. Touch it. Feel it. Taste it. Hear it. Engage all your senses in the world around you.
-Plunge In! You can always get out and shake it off.
-Don’t be afraid. Just stand your ground (and bark when necessary).
-Trust that most people have an innate goodness.
-Forgive fully, then let it go.
-Love is unconditional. If it has conditions, it isn’t really love.
-Accept the inevitable with peace and grace (even if it’s a trip to the vet).
-It’s okay to feel sadness, but remember that joy is just a moment (or squirrel chase) away.
-Live in the moment. Embrace it. Feel it. Become it. Share it. Then repeat for all the moments that follow. Life is not about the quantity of moments; it’s about the quality of moments.
(Thanks to Dana Riley for this list.)

Powerful words to live by! So remember to savor every moment of your summer…


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