Come With Me To Merry Olde England!

Readers of this blog know I have itchy feet. It doesn't take much for my wanderlust to kick in, and then I'm off on another adventure. So...

Last month I filed my taxes, figured out my refund, and immediately bought a ticket to the closest fun place I could think of to spend those dollars, er pounds... England!

So here I am in London for three weeks! I love England. Once out of the capital, the scenery is like a postcard! Last weekend I rented a car and hit the road. This is the countryside on the way to Poole in Dorset.

Ate lunch at this typical British pub… The Cleave

This is the main street through Poole…

Typical thatched roof cottages and stone cottages line the roads – so quaint!

The roads are pretty crazy out in the country… this one in front of the whitewashed cottage was actually a 2-way street!!!  Gives new meaning to “driving defensively” LOL!!

I hope these pictures came out okay, because I was (mostly) taking them from a moving car, LOL!  It was a rare sunny weekend (but COLD) and today (Friday) it’s predicted to be rainy (as usual) in London as you read this.

I'll be back home before next month's post, but I wanted to share these classic pictures with you!


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