Veteran's Day

My son is still serving in the AF. I retired from the Army reserves, my sister did, my brother-in-law retired from the Army, my dad retired from the AF, my mother served in the Army, my dad’s uncle, was a prisoner of the Japanese and died in the Philippines. My dad had been a prisoner of war in Germany for 16 months. and others served in the Canadian Forces–my grandfather, a doctor. My French Great-Grandfather had been a member of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, and one of my Scottish ancestors had fought so well for the king of England, he was awarded land in Canada, one of the Playfairs. One of my German ancestors was brought over to fight the Patriots during the American Revolution, but believed in George Washington’s cause, fled to NY, and he and one of his sons served in the militia in Canada.

Thanks to everyone’s service but wishing we could all live in peace.

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