Fun Facts - Bicycles!

Who knew that bicycles are celebrating their 200th anniversary this year?

This is a bicycle garage. Have you ever seen  one? Can you guess where this is located?

It's located in Amsterdam, and right over a canal. How cool is that? Of course the Dutch, with their flat country recovered from the sea, have taken biking to a new art. Here you see a fellow who's so confident on his bike that he can ride and text at the same time.

Today's bikes are a lot more stable than those of the 19th century, which caused Mark Twain to say, "Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live."

After being improved several years later, women took to riding bikes. This enraged some men so much that students at Cambridge University hanged an effigy of a woman riding a bike.

Of course, the Wright brothers owned a bicycle shop. Thus, they had the tools and the expertise to experiment - and thus was the successful airplane birthed.

And here is my favorite photo of how a woman can be emancipated by a bicycle!

Here's more information on bicycling in Amsterdam.

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