My Space -- Not What You Think

Do you have your own space? A place you can call your own, where you can let your creativity fly? A place where you can just sit quietly to read? A place with a door that closes, so when the kids (or anyone else) need something, they know they have to knock?

I've never had a space like that, not one I can call my own. And I've done okay without it. I've written all over my house -- in my dining room, kitchen, family room, bedroom. Even outside on the deck. Have laptop, will travel, you know. But I'm one who gets distracted easily. The kids come home from school, and there goes my concentration. Hubby's having some of his "me time" out in the garage with the music loud, and I'm lost.

Unfortunately, my house is not one that could be added on to easily. I even once thought about renting an office somewhere, just so I could have my own space. That's just crazy-pricey, though. One day, hubby and I were chatting about the situation  and I said, "Too bad we can't use the upper space of the two-story foyer." He kinda looked at me and said, "Why couldn't we?"

Thus was born "MY OFFICE"!

Even though we've had this planned for a few months now, he wasn't able to start construction until the week before Thanksgiving. And man, what he cranked out in that long weekend!
This "was" my plant shelf. It's now part of the floor.

My hero, being -- ahem -- careful on that ladder. He's working on the header that will hold the floor joists.

Wha La! Floor joists! How cool is that?

This is me, screwing in the floors. I only did like 5, but at least I can say that I helped!
A shot taken from the top of my stairs. Wall studs, Yay!

MY DOOR! Knock, please... :)

That's my fireplace in my living room. Weird that all of this used to be one big, open area!

That same shot from up above, just now we have drywall! That's my bedroom there to the right. The only way into the new room is through there. 

Isn't this amazing? As hubby says, the easy part is done. Now comes the hard part, how to get heat and air up there, and to do the electrical. Then we can re-carpet our entire upstairs, and paint the rest of the house (We've been waiting to do this so we can paint. I'm tired of the white walls. Give me COLOR!).

I can't wait to furnish my office (that has a lovely ring to it, doesn't it?) so I can sit in there, at MY desk, and write. The area may be small, but that's okay. It's mine. And I know I'll love it. I'll post more pictures as we go along.



Lee Lopez said...

Can't wait to see the finished product. I've had my own space for the past 10 years, since kids moved out and all. I love it...You'll love it. The draw back, it's one more space to clean. And mine needs a major reorganizing.

Kristin Daniels said...

L.A., I'm sure I won't mind the cleaning, at least at first, anyway :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful solution. It is nice to have a space to call your own. I actually have a room that I made into an office but then realized I didn't like being closed off from the family. So I moved my office into a nook in the downstairs den. Mixed feelings on that because now I find myself writing on my bed with laptop lap. I'll figure it out sooner or later. We've only been in our home for 2 years and I am blessed to have many possibilities. Can't wait to see your finished office!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Your own space!

Who says you have to clean your room? It's YOUR room after all, why not leave it in whatever state you like to?


Nicole North said...

Very cool, Kristin! I look forward to seeing it when it's done.

Sarah Hoss said...

How exciting! I am jealous. Even if I could turn a place into my own, I don't have a place. We would have to add on a whole room and that isn't going to happen at the present.

I do have a laptop now, so I can at least move around if need be. I am at home by myself during the day, so I don't have anything but chores to distract me. = )

Kristin Daniels said...

Thanks, everyone! I'll be posting more pictures as we go. Today was electricity day! I have outlets and a light switch in there now. We're moving right along... :)

Carly Carson said...

Kristin, that's so exciting! I don't have a place of my own. But we're planning to add over the garage. Hired an architect last March. Yes. He's slow. But when we're finally done, I'll have my own office. I can hardly wait.