Terry Spear gives us Heart of the Wolf

Hi, everyone, today I'm interviewing our own Terry Spear about her new book, Heart of the Wolf, released today! Congratulations, Terry! Please tell us about Heart of the Wolf.

Terry Spear: While searching for clues of a lupus garou who is killing women in the rainy Portland suburbs, Bella Wilder becomes the hunted. She had run away from the gray pack who had taken her in when she was she young. And she will do so again before the brutish pack leader can have her.

Devlyn Greystoke has a mission—return Bella to the gray pack for safekeeping before she exposes their kind and gets herself killed. But little red wolves are in short supply and high demand and Bella’s determined to be the bait to flush out the killer. Keeping her out of danger is only half the trouble Devlyn encounters as his compulsion to make her his mate grows and she fights being his, fearful the pack leader will kill him.

Volan Smith, the gray alpha leader, claimed Bella when she was young. Now that he has located her, he wants Bella back. And he will stop at nothing to have her.

Vonda: I've read this book and it is awesome in every way! It has sizzling sexual tension and I'm still in love with Devlyn. Please tell us about your favorite character in the book.

Terry: Ack! I love them all. :) Rather than talk about the main characters, I'll mention Zooman Thompson, who's a fun secondary character because he is so adamant about "saving" the red wolf in the Cascades, when here it is Bella Wilder, red lupus garou. As if Bella and Devlyn didn't have enough troubles already with the police, the red male lupus garous, and the gray pack leader who wants her for his own, Thompson is always creating more trouble.

Here's an excerpt about him: "The way Thompson had hunted her in the woods was reminiscent of a bull dog, determined, dependable to a fault, not someone easily thwarted.... He reminded her of a mountain man she’d once met, caring the same for nature’s habitat, the same aura of wildness surrounding him. Except the mountain man wanted to be left alone with no human contact. Thompson was different."

One reviewer said: "This man keeps complicating Bella’s situation and adds some funny dilemmas for Bella and Devlyn to work around and right in the midst of all of their life threatening problems." ~Recommended Read, 5 Angels, FAR, Stephanie B.

Vonda: That's a great review! What element of this story was the hardest for you?

Terry: Deciding who the villain is (as it is in all of my stories), but after I decided that, I added a fun twist, then had to go back through and give hints about it. :)

Vonda: Very cool! When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Terry: Years ago and I started writing children's books. They're one of the hardest sells, although one of them was sent to a senior editor, but they thought it was too similar to a story that they'd just published. Then I began to write historical romance, and really found my niche with the paranormal.

Vonda: You sure have. What do you wish you’d known before becoming published?

Terry: To enter the Golden Heart before it was too late!!! I sold two YA paranormal books to Medallion, lost my chance to submit to the GH, and then two years later the YA line was cancelled and my books had never seen print--one month before the release of the first. I'm entering the Rita this time!!!

Vonda: How exciting that is. I hope you win! What’s next for you?

Terry: I just sold Betrayal of the Wolf (finished manuscript) and Allure of the Wolf (on proposal) to my editor at Sourcebooks. So for now, my next job is writing Allure of the Wolf!

Vonda: Wow that's exciting! Congratulations again! Would you like to ask blog readers a question?

Terry: So if you had your choice and could shapeshift, what would you like to be and why?

Vonda: Nice question! Everyone please visit Terry's website at http://www.terryspear.com/

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Liz Falkner said...

Your book is in my cart at Amazon, Terry!! Excellent interview.

If I could shapeshift, I think I'd be a tiger because it was my nickname growing up. Oh...and because people would be afriad of me. LOL.

Randy said...

Yay, Terry! Happy Release Day!! I know you'll have tons of sales because the buzz on this book is that you really did your research; that it's a cut above the rest, so KUDOS!

Um...and to answer your question...what are the rules to shapeshifting? LOL Can I be a whale? Not sure what advantage there'd be, but I could eat a whole lot, right?

Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

Great interview, but where's the 'buy' link? Hmm? Guess I'll have to go find it.

As for shapeshifting, not for me. I like being human, TYVM, and the creatures in my reading. ;)

Shannon Robinson said...

Hi ladies - great interview and happy release day, Terry! The book sounds wonderful!
If I could shapeshift, I'd become a bird. I'd love to feel the rush of flying - someday, I'll get up the courage to sky dive, but not right now. LOL!
Shannon Robinson

Pat McDermott said...

Good luck with the release, Terry. The story sounds fabulous. If I could, I'd be a big fish that could swim deep and fast. I'd like to see what's down there :-)
Great interview!

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks for visiting, everyone!! Oops, buy link. I'll try to add one. In the meantime, see that cover of Heart of the Wolf on the left at the top, there's a buy link attached to it.

If I could shapeshift I'd want to be a hawk or a cat. When I was a kid I pretended to be a cat all the time. ha :-)

Carol Ericson said...

Congrats on your release, Terry! The story sounds fabulous.

If I could shapeshift, I'd like to be a cat so I could stretch out in the sun - oh but I couldn't read and drink Diet Coke, could I?

Eliza Knight said...

Hi Terry,

Great interview! Your book is on my TBR list :)

If I could shapeshift I'd be a dolphin, aparently they enjoy sex just as much as us humans :)