Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day all you Fierce Romancers! For fans of Romance there's love in the air every day, every time we pick up a book looking for that happily-ever-after. I think Vonda pretty much covered everything Romance with her post yesterday, and it got me thinking about my favorite romantic scenes in movies, books, and plays. One of my favorite romantic plays is Romeo and Juliet (and all its iterations). I think the movie, Shakespeare in Love, did a fantastic job highlighting the beauty of the language in that play. As many of you know, I love Victoria Holt's books, and one of the most romantic of her books is On the Night of the Seventh Moon. The scene where the hero and heroine meet in the Black Forest is beautiful and so sensual and romantic. I've read it over and over many times. Another of my favorite romance writers is Georgette Heyer, and I think one of her most romantic books is Venetia. The way the hero and heroine slowly fall in love is lovely!

So while I'll be racing through just another Thursday - work, edits, errands, shuttling the kids to soccer and baseball practices, helping them with homework, AND cooking dinner - I'll let my mind wander to a stray line of Shakespeare or into the Black Forest or the English countryside...ahhh.


Vonda Sinclair said...

Wonderful blog, Carol. I loved the movie Shakespeare in Love! I saw a few minutes of it just a week ago. Some of my favorite romance novels include those by Laura Kinsale. I feel she is an artist when it comes to beautifully illustrating what romance and true love mean.

Unknown said...

Shakespeare in Love is great and I also love Romeo and Juliette with Olivia Hussey. It is such a beautiful movie.