What is holding you back?

Do you ever get the feeling something is holding you back and keeping you from achieving what you want? Maybe your STUFF is holding you back. I know, it sounds really weird and wacko but if you think about it, it makes sense. If you're holding a load of junk in your arms, you can't reach out and get the good things. Are you a pack rat? Is every surface of your office piled full of stuff, some important things but mostly crap you could live without? Your clutter and junk, which you don't even want or need, may be keeping you from getting the wonderful things you want.

What to do about it? Take the workshop mentioned below, Move Your Stuff, Make a Sale: Feng Shui for Writers. Trust me, it works. (Oh no, I sound like those diet commercials. Ugh!) Seriously, I took this feng shui workshop almost a year ago and it probably changed my life for the better. I say probably because I have no proof beyond what I feel. But the truth is when I started (unknowingly) applying some of concepts taught in this workshop (even before I took it) I started making short story sales. And the more I applied the ideas, the more sales I made and a lot of other good things have happened for my career this year, like acquiring an agent! Did one cause the other to happen? I don't know. But it might have helped clear the negative energy away so that positive energy could replace it. For me, it was worth a try and I'm so happy I took that chance.

Click http://www.celtichearts.org/chwksp.html to read more about the workshop.

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