Crafts: flower arranging

On one of the email loops I'm on, we're discussing crafts we enjoy doing. From time to time, I do flower arrangements. I once took a floral design class at a local community college. When someone twists my arm, I have been known to do arrangements for weddings. Here are two large arrangements I did for a wedding last summer. I dried the hydrangea blooms myself and sprayed them lavender and green. The roses and baby's breath are also dried but I didn't dry them. These also include some silk leaves and grasses and some sheer ribbon loops. They are about 40" tall, with the vase. They sat on either side of the alter during the wedding. Lavender is the bride's favorite color. She was going to take them home with her after the wedding but her living room is too small. So they remain at the church for decoration.

I also made the bride's bouquet, which attaches to the top of a Bible. It's made with dried roses and other things. (Groom's boutonniere also pictured.) They are lots of fun to arrange but I wouldn't want to do it for a living.


Randy said...

Okay, now I'm really feeling inadequate.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks, Randy but you shouldn't feel inadquate at all! I'm sure you have many hidden talents you are keeping from us. :-)