Good Girl Heroines

This weeks we're talking about our favorite heroines here at Fierce Romance. It's not easy for me to come up with a favorite. I love all my heroines, from the submissive jewelry designer in Bound by Design to the futuristic sex slave in Chains of Desire to the customer service phone rep in See Me. I love them all. But if I had to pick my favorite type of heroine, I'd have to pick the good girl.

I've written several good girl heroines. Sarah Austin in The Ride of Her Life. Julie Brightman in Dark Angel. Annie Shane in Bad to the Bone.

Annie is the perfect example of the good girl heroine. She'd never done anything wrong, took care of her sick mother, put her head down and worked her job no matter what, got dumped by a guy who called her boring. She decided that being a good girl had gotten her nowhere and decides to make all her decisions based on the question, "What would a bad girl do?" Of course, she runs into a bad boy who tries to keep her out of trouble, all the while falling in love with her, and the fun starts there.

I have to admit that my love for the good girl rises from the fact that I was a good growing up. So I love giving good girls their own adventures. And sexy heroes who love them just the way they are.

How about you? Do you enjoy reading about good girls and bad boys??



A.W. McQueen said...

Natasha, good girl/bad boy will always be my favorite combo. I like to write my heroines as good girls with a bit of sauciness to her.

Because I consider myself a good girl with a certain sarcastic charm, I try to write my heroines in that same vein.

Thanks for sharing!

Bob Eason said...

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Esmerelda Bishop said...

I love the good girl/bad boy combo too. Like you Natasha, I was a good girl growing up (heck, still am).

I love your plot of the bad boy trying to keep his good girl out of trouble. That endeared me to your hero without me even reading it! I'll have to check that one out!