My Favorite Hero

So, this week's topic is on our favorite heroes, hmm? Like Cameo, I'll focus on my heroes instead of those written by other authors. But instead of telling you about the heroes I've already written, I'll tell you about the heroes I'm currently working on. And yes, you read that right: heroes, as in plural. No, I'm not working on a menage (well, there is that one I started... hmm, I need to go back and work on that one, too), but rather two different heroes from two different stories. I flip back and forth, sometimes as much as a month in between, but these two men have me riveted.

In (tentatively titled) Burned and Broken, we have our hero Marcus Dade. Marcus is a firefighter who, as most alpha males are prone to do, has made his share of mistakes in the past. He left his small hometown five years ago, but he's back now for two reasons: to set his past right and to win the heart of the woman he never stopped loving. Of course, trouble dogs him every step of the way... Poor guy. :)

I think the reason I love Marcus so much is because he knows the majority of his problems are due to the bad choices he made in his past. To set his life right, to make up for the hurt he's caused, he has to own up to those choices. Owning who you are and what you do is something I believe very strongly in. Nobody is perfect, but it's how to take ownership for your mistakes that makes all the difference in the world.


In (also tentatively titled) All Tyed Up, I switch gears a little. Yes, Tye Carter works in the public eye as County Sheriff, much like Marcus, but it's not Tye's past that haunts him. It's the woman who needs him now that has him reeling. County Attorney Laine Morgan has been attacked, and it's up to Tye to find the man who did it. Along the way, he ends up taking her on a journey that neither of them expected. Of course, there's a little kink and bondage thrown in for good measure :). Tye's a bit of a cowboy, too, which adds a rough, alpha-ness to his persona. He's one of the good guys, and he'll do anything (and I do mean anything) to help the woman he loves.

I'm working diligently on these two books and loving every inch of these men along the way. I've always loved the strong, alpha male type, and these two fit that bill -- and then some!

Have a great weekend!



Lizzie Walker said...

OMG Kristen....pant, pant, pant! Good lord who are these men you have posted. NAMES PLEASE!!!! I would love to read your work. Any place I can buy your stories?

Samantha Kane said...

I'm lovin' me some of that Tye. I got to read a bit of that one. And I have a thing for firemen, in case you didn't know. :-) So hurry up and write.

Kristin said...

Lizzie, If I only knew their names... LOL. And thank you for being interested in my books! You can find all the links on my website, I hope you enjoy!!

Kristin said...

Sam, I agree with you about Tye. He really does make me just want to kiss all over him. Sigh. And no, I never knew about the mad love you have for firemen. I'll have to introduce you to Marcus someday :)