Waking Up in Your Favorite Romance Novel

We all have that one special romance novel that we read over and over again. A part of us fantasizes about waking up in the arms of the hero who’s stolen our heart.

Gabby Stone’s romance novel is Devlin’s Destiny. Who is Gabby, you ask.

Why the heroine in my upcoming release. I am self-publishing a novella tentatively titled, Between the Pages, very soon. Sorry, don’t have a blurb or cover yet, but thought I’d take an opportunity to talk about the story.

You see, Gabby has been obsessed with the Devlin’s Destiny for months. She doesn’t understand why. It’s definitely not because of the crappy romance or the twit for a heroine. But the hero? Man, what she wouldn’t give to have ten minutes alone with the Scottish warrior.

She gets her wish when she wakes up inside Devlin’s keep and takes over the role of the heroine. But granted wishes aren’t always a blessing. With each turn of the page, obstacles are thrown in her path. A war between love and written words ensue. Can Gabby overcome Devlin’s Destiny and win him for her very own?

Here’s a quick excerpt from the first chapter:

“Gabrielle, my bonny lass, how ye taste, ye smell.”

She stilled beneath him, a creepy sense of déjà vu hitting her. “How do you know my name?”

“Ye jest,” he said, jerking back. The desire evaporated from his eyes as a muscle jumped in his jaw.

Gabby blinked as he jumped off her, cursing. “How could ye lie with me when ye doona know me?”

The déjà vu increased and a rock formed in her stomach. Why would she dream this?

Dream, my ass. She was having a nightmare. Only a nightmare would leave her body throbbing the way it was with no relief in sight.

Wake up, fool.

But she was firmly planted, even with knowing exactly where she was now and how this would end.

Her. Unsated.

Lord Devlin McCalister paced the room. The hurt and confusion she’d read over and over again in her favorite romance novel etched on his face, causing her heart to constrict as it did every time she read this scene. Gabby looked away. She guessed it was possible to read a book one too many times and she was a little too obsessed with Devlin’s story, as she’d been told by her co-worker on countless occasions.

How many times had she imagined herself in this very scene, in Devlin’s arms, knowing how relieved he was to finally have the woman he loved show some sort of emotion toward him--that was until he realized she had no clue who he was. She watched him pace, knowing exactly what he was thinking. Calling himself a fool for believing Gabrielle had finally come to her senses.

As expected, Devlin stopped and gave her one more searching glance, sadness exuding off his powerful frame. “Ye doona know me?” he asked, barely above a whisper.

She could have recited the words with him.

Unsure of what to say, she stuck with the book. “Nay, milord. I doonae.”

I got the idea for this story a few years ago as I have my own hero obsession. Anyone know the name Grimm Roderick?

He’s the hero of Karen Marie Moning’s To Tame a Highland Warrior. Yes, sirree. That man totally does it for me. I’ve read that book over and over again. Unlike Gabby, I liked Jillian, the heroine, and believe their love story. Too bad really. LOL.

Since this idea formed, I’ve taken on one more hero obsession, one who has usurped Grimm as my number one hero. Jericho Barrons. Ring any bells?

He’s also a creation of Mrs. Moning. (She really does write some freaking hawt men). Barrons, as he is referred to through most of the Fae series, is the hero. I use that word loosely too, because he even states he’s not the hero, lol.

So those are my two favorite heroes. I’d gladly trade places with the heroines, for a short time, most preferably a love scene, if given the opportunity.

Who is yours?



Nicole North said...

I LOVE Grimm Roderick too!!!!! OMG that first love scene after the incredible build up of sexual tension for what seemed like years. I think they tore the room apart. :)

Awesome excerpt!! Naturally I love those hawt Scots! ;)

Esmerelda Bishop said...

LOL!!! That was exactly the scene I was think of too Nicole!