Fresh Fiction Top Pick For A Silver Wolf Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!
Woohoo, received Fresh Pick for A Silver Wolf Christmas from Fresh Fiction Reviews!!!
Pistache in fall colors!
Pistache in fall colors!
And a Red Oak in fall colors!
And a Red Oak in fall colors!
I think these are Pencil Boxwood
I think these are Pencil or Skyrocket Boxwood. They’re evergreen, grow really tall, and remain really narrow.

Okay, and I’m back to cleaning and decorating for Christmas and guests. :)

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend! Are you going anywhere? Eating anything special? Me? Turkey!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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The Importance of being a Hybrid Author in Today’s Volatile Publishing Marketplace
I started my career as a traditionally published author with Red Sage, Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing. I’ll forever be grateful that those publishers had faith in my writing ability, but in today’s publishing world, I believe it’s smart for an author to protect their career by investigating indie publishing as well.

A few years ago, self-publishing was transitioning from “vanity” press into something a lot less negative, rebranding itself as “indie” publishing. I belong to several author loops, and I began to hear about writers who had success self-publishing… both traditional authors who’d gotten their publishing rights back from older stories, and other writers who had  “niche” stories that the big publishers had rejected because they didn’t think they would sell. I was happy with my traditional sales, but because I’m a pragmatist, I decided to try this new publishing avenue.

My most recent book is a contemporary romance called Fear Of Flying, and it’s my “write what you know” book. Yes, I’m afraid to fly. And yes, a psychic once told me I’d never die in a plane crash, just like a psychic tells my heroine at the beginning of this story. And yes, I was a book publicist for two years just like Jessie Jordan in the book. I travelled the country helping non-fiction authors promote their new releases: cookbooks, art books, travel books.

This thinly-veiled autobiography was easy and fun for me to write, and I thought it was a good book to experiment with indie publishing.

Frankly, when I hit the “publish” button for that book, my hope was simply that anyone Googling Erica Jong might also find my version of Fear Of Flying and be intrigued enough to buy a copy. But an unexpected thing happened. In September, Erica Jong released a book called Fear Of Dying. Immediately, my sales of Fear Of Flying took off, and they’re still pretty good month to month!

So this was not an objective indie experiment, per se. I was lucky, but if you’re considering self-publishing, there are a few things you should know:

-Series sell better than single titles. Romance readers are voracious, and when they find an author they like, they’ll buy everything you’ve written. If you can hook them with a series, you’ll have a guaranteed readership.  

- Readers DO NOT CARE if you’re traditionally published or self-published, they just care that you’ve written a good book. Or let me clarify… a good, grammatically-clean, and copy-edited book. Self-published authors should have your book edited by an outside person, because nothing looks more “amateur” than misspellings, bad grammar and incorrect punctuation. Even if you’re absolutely convinced you’re an English maven, you as an author are so familiar with your story that you’re likely to miss obvious errors. And if you’re unsure that your fiction story WORKS… with Goal, Motivation & Conflict and your basic 3-act or 6-stage plot structure… you should consider hiring a content editor as well. 

-Your cover and your blurb are (almost) the most important parts of your book. Just like traditional publishing, the cover is the first thing that will draw a reader’s attention. Number two is the blurb… if your book doesn’t sound interesting in one or two paragraphs, a reader isn’t going to buy it. Then, as long as your story is satisfying, you’ll have a devoted reader. So hire a cover artist. And hire a professional formatter. You want to have the most professional product you can produce. In today’s crowded marketplace, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to stand out.

I’m sure there are a million other tips indie authors could give, but those are my top three. And as for me, I plan to keep a foot in both publishing camps (traditional and indie) because I believe it’s smart not to put all my career eggs in one basket.

What do you think of indie publishing? Read any good/bad books?


Grateful for You
Posting on Thursdays has its advantages. Over the years here, I've frequently ended up scheduled to post on holidays that fall on Thursdays. Today is one of those special days, and in honor of Thanksgiving, I'd like to share what I'm grateful for...


I don't think there are enough words that I can type that really, truly express how much I appreciate blogging here and how important it is for me to get to share this time with our readers. I love to read and write, and I love to be around people who share the same passions. It feels good to be here, and I can't say that about every place I go, either online or in life. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us by reading our posts and commenting. The conversations here have been fun, poignant, entertaining, and lovely, among other things.

I'm extremely grateful to the readers and other writers who make this blog a great place to post. I am so grateful for these last few years--jeez, how long have I been here? I can't remember!--and look forward to sharing another holiday season with you, as well as the coming year. I know it feels overwhelming right now for some because the holiday season sort of crept up while we were reading a good book, but I think the rest of the year and 2016 are going to be great.

For those of you who celebrate this holiday, I wish you and yours the most wonderful and best Thanksgiving ever, and I hope you have a safe, peaceful holiday filled with love and, of course, books. And if you aren't celebrating Thanksgiving today, I wish you the same. May every day be filled with countless blessings.

As ever, happy reading!

Tempted by a Highland Moon: A Work in Progress
After three books in The Highland Moon Series, Duncan is finally getting his story! I had hoped to have "Tempted by a Highland Moon" completed before Christmas, but alas, 'tis no' meant to be!  But here's a taste of what you have to look forward to.

Kila had just finished washing her face, when her step-mother stormed into the bedchamber.
"You are in need of a new gown for the Earl's ceilidh, and there is a most reputable dressmaker in Port-na-craig." She placed several coins on the table. "See if she has a ready-made gown to your liking."
Inwardly, Kila groaned. "I have many beautiful gowns from which to choose. I'm in need of no more."
 Verona's jaw muscles tightened, as they always did when Kila argued with her. "I'll not have you embarrassing me in one of those drab things of yours. Now hurry, before you miss the mid-day meal." She turned on her heel and exited the room.
Kila looked at Wyn and blew out a long breath. Accompanied by Wyn and Fergus, she left The Blackbird Inn and stepped into the narrow street across from the dressmaker's tiny shop.
A man on horseback suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and bore down upon her. Behind her, the maid screamed, but before Kila could be trampled to death, a pair of strong arms pulled her out of harm's way and against a chest of stone.
"I'll fetch Lady Murray, m'lady," sobbed Wyn, before disappearing inside the inn.
Fergus stood nearby, his usual red face void of all color. "I dinnae see him, m'lady, until he were nigh upon ye."
"Are you well, lass? asked the Highlander who had rescued her.
"Aye," she nodded, noting how devastatingly handsome he was.
He frowned. "Are you certain?" Concern was clear in his voice.
She nodded.
"The fool," he growled, shaking his head. "How could he have no' seen you?  'Twas as if he was bent on running you down."
Her knees suddenly felt weak, and she swayed on her feet.
The Highlander must have realized her predicament, for he lifted her into his arms as if she weighed no more than a feather.
She should insist he put her down immediately, but it felt so wonderful being held in his strong arms."Might I ken your name?"
He grinned, and her heart lurched against her chest. "Duncan, Duncan MacDonnel. And your own, lass?"
"Kila Murray—Lady Kila Murray."
"Glad to be of service, Lady Kila Murray," he said with a devilish grin and a slight tilt of his head. "It appears you're staying at The Blackbird Inn as well."
"Aye, along with my step-mother and a small party."
"Then I'll see you to your bedchamber." With Fergus following close behind, Duncan pushed open the door and carried her inside, then headed for the stairs, but was interrupted by the nearby screeching of her step-mother.
"Put my step-daughter down immediately," she ordered the Highlander.
Duncan made no move to follow the woman's demand. "The lass was nigh on trampled to death, and is yet unsteady on her feet. I plan to see her to her bedchamber."
"What the man says is true, m'lady." Fergus offered. "Seen it m'self."
"Nonsense," she snorted, ignoring the guard. "Put her down, or else I'll have her taken from you."
Duncan clenched his teeth to keep from telling the blasted female to go to the devil.
Kila gently placed her hand on his arm. "Please, I dinnae wish to cause you any trouble."
He looked into her amber eyes, noting the tiny flecks of gold, and gently set her on her feet. "Then I bid you good day, my lady."
She smiled. "Much thanks."
He nodded, then headed upstairs to his bedchamber. He stretched out on the bed and crossed his arms. He would like to have spent more time with the bonnie lass, but her infernal step-mother had put a stop to that.
Obviously, the woman was unaware of how close Kila had come to being trampled to death, or else she certainly would have shown more concern for her step-daughter's welfare.

 To be honest, the whole ordeal puzzled him. The rider would have had to be blind not to have seen the lass standing there in the open. He frowned, as an icy finger trailed up his spine. Aye, something was amiss.

I hope you enjoyed!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Captured by a Celtic Warrior is up for pre-order!
Hi, everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm honored to be a part of this boxed set of all new historical romance novellas with three other bestselling and award-winning authors. 

Four fierce warriors from Ireland and Scotland... 
Four heroines determined to resist them... 
One dagger steeped in the blood and treachery of kings. 

Four complete stories for the amazing pre-order price of only $0.99 at your favorite online ebook seller... Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iTunes/iBooks. Grab yours before release day, Feb. 16, 2016!

Bestselling and award-winning authors bring you four never-before-published novellas of searing passions that span the ages. Four fierce warriors from Ireland and Scotland... Four heroines determined to resist them... One dagger steeped in the blood and treachery of kings. 

The King’s Outlaw, by Kris Kennedy 
1193 - Outlawed and on the run, Tadhg O’Malley has one mission: escape with the valuable dagger of Jerusalem before a brutal nobleman hunts him down. Trapped and almost cornered, his plan is simple: kidnap the innocent merchant with the long hair and complicated eyes. Igniting a raging passion is not part of the plan. Neither is falling in love. Both endanger their lives, his mission, and with it, the kingdom. 

Taken by the Highlander, by Eliza Knight 
1306 - A week before Lady Rose Munro is to wed a neighboring laird, she is abducted on the road by a wicked and dangerously handsome stranger. Highland warrior, Malcolm Montgomery has been ordered by King Robert the Bruce to steal Rose and her son from the suspected traitor she is about to marry—gifting him with an ancient and much sought after dagger as payment. Rose shouldn’t trust her captor. Shouldn’t feel her body heat at his simple touch, or allow him to press his fervent lips to hers… Malcolm shouldn’t be seducing the woman he is sworn to protect. Shouldn’t desire her, for she’s not meant to be his… Succumbing to passion threatens them both, and falling in love is absolutely not an option. 

Stolen by a Highland Rogue, by Vonda Sinclair 
1619 - When the infamous dagger is stolen from Highland chief, Dugald MacKerrick, he will do whatever it takes to reclaim it, even abduct the wife of the aristocratic thief, but what if his beautiful French hostage isn't who he thinks she is? Deep in the rugged Scottish Highlands, Dugald discovers not only is his captive, Camille Bouchard, more than he expected, so is the passion raging between them, threatening everything he thought mattered to him. 

Her Wicked Highlander, by Jennifer Haymore 
1816 - Maxwell White is the newest member of the Highland Knights, an elite mercenary group sworn to protect the Crown. His first assignment is to keep independent and spirited Aila MacKerrick safe from a madman determined to get his hands on a treasure she unwittingly possesses. But Aila isn’t going to simply allow some Highlander—as handsome as he might be—to capture her and whisk her away to an abandoned castle. She’ll fight to the death for her soon as she rids herself of this pesky, insistent desire that makes her far more inclined to run into his arms than away from them.... 

Pre-order your copy at: AmazonNookKoboiTunes/iBooks

Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends! :)

I'm Thankful For...
I try to remember to be thankful all year round, but sometimes when we're just barreling through life, it's easy to just get caught up in the day to day and forget to consciously think of all the things we're thankful for. Even when things might not be going so good, we can always be grateful for the little things. But Thanksgiving week is always a reminder to send out your thanks to God or the Universe or whoever/wherever your thanks goes. So here's my short list of thanks.

First and foremost is my family. My loving, supportive hubby. My great kids and their great kids. (And since we just had Halloween - I have to share pics of the two little guys!)

3 years old already!

6 months old already!

I'm thankful for my friends. We might go out to eat a little too often, but you can't beat the laughter ringing around our table!

I'm thankful for being able to leave my stressful job and enjoy my second career as a writer. There might be a little stress there too - like when the story just won't cooperate, or when sales aren't always what I hope - but I can sit at the keyboard in my yoga pants and drool over pics of hunks and call it research.

I'm thankful that we are able to winter in FL and avoid the cold and snow for a few months. For our cozy winter home and the beautiful view around us.

And for my readers. I'm so thankful to you! You are the reason I do what I do!

What are you thankful for?


Sold! Sold! Sold! Sold!
Beautiful carpet of bluebell flowers in Spring forest landscape
For the Heart of the Wolf Series--Silver Wolf Trouble, Brett's story
These are not the covers, just fun manipulations of photographs, though I might use them eventually if I write a novella or two. These 3 books will come out in 2017.
White Wolf Christmas
White Wolf Christmas--to let readers know what happened to the Arctic Wolf pack
Another SEAL Wolf book, this is not the title. But this one will have a SEAL wolf introduced in SEAL Wolf in Too Deep in Feb, 2016
And the audio rights to Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing were sold, so that one will be coming out in audiobook around the May release of the book!

That's the good news. Now, I have to write the first 3 novels. Billionaire is done! :) <3 br="" data-mce-bogus="1">

Have a super great Saturday!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Good News
So I have a bit of news...

I'm going to be a mother-in-law again, and I'm thrilled. Our youngest son has found a lovely mate, the girl of his dreams, and now they're planning their impending nuptials. In like three months. God bless 'em.

Seriously. They decided they want to get married in February of 2016, and so they will. He has a particular job obligation and she has a particular school obligation and they want the majority of the family to be there on their special--albeit very cold--day, and February is the only month that worked out for all those things to happen.

I know what you're thinking. Why not just wait and have it when it's convenient for the happy couple? Well, given my son's a workaholic, that's not even ever a possibility. But on a more positive note, they are just wanting to start building a life together, and they don't really care about the "wedding" details as much as they care about the marriage after. Given my hippie background (see the Bridesmaids post from a few months ago), I couldn't be happier. This young lady is more concerned about partnering with my son than saying yes to the dress, and I have to admit, I'm kind of happy to hear it.

I mean, they've got plans. They want to do this together and that together, and they seem genuinely interested in building a life together, as opposed to just planning this huge wedding and being special for a day. They want what they have to be special for all their lives. My son actually said that when I asked him what not to wear to the wedding (after seeing all those articles are terrible mother-in-laws upstaging brides at their weddings). He was like, "We're just glad you're going to be there. Wear whatever you want. We'll have the rest of our lives to laugh at it if it sucks real bad."

Is this my son or what?

Thank you for reading. I had to share the good news and the idea that there are folks out there who care more about the marriage than the wedding (remember my good friend Ann?). I'm all aglow about the big day, but even more happy that they seem to want to really just hang out and love each other. Sounds like a plan to me. :)

Happy Reading!
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