Tis the season to be jolly!
I love Christmas. Always have. I'm the oldest child of four, and growing up my parents used to let me distribute presents from under the tree to my younger brother and sister on Christmas morning. Is it any wonder I love the holiday?

But here is some interesting Christmas trivia you may not know:

-Germany is usually credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition in the 16th century.

-Christmas was formally declared a federal U.S. holiday by President Ulysses S. Grant in 1870.

-The White House Historical Association claims president Benjamin Harrison had the first recorded Christmas tree in 1889.

-President Theodore Roosevelt, an avowed environmentalist, banned Christmas trees from the White House during his presidency (1901-1909) because he believed so many trees were cut down for the holiday that it contributed to deforestation.

-Alabama was the first state to recognize Christmas as an official holiday. Oklahoma was the last.

-St. Nicholas was said to originally come from Turkey.

-Mexico is responsible for the poinsettia plant.

-And... most interesting trivia question of all. Do you know who Rudolph's father is? It's... wait for it... Donner! Bet you didn't know that one!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all. I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season (no matter which one you celebrate... Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Bodhi Day or whatever). My best to you!

See you in 2017!


Multi-Author 99 cent 3 Day Sale!
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If you follow me on this blog, you know what seasoned romance is. They are romances featuring heroes and heroines over the age of forty...okay, some people say even thirty-five can be included because the vast majority of romances feature characters much younger. 

If you're looking for romances featuring characters with more life experience, with rich histories who are still vibrant and active, here are some great examples. If you've wondered what a seasoned romance would be like, this is a great time to give one a try. I'm willing to bet you'll find some new favorite authors!

You can go to the website seasonedromances.com to look over the sale books and if you'd like to enter some giveaways, we're having a FB hop too!

I'm giving away a Silver Fox Romance mug on my author page. Just sign up for my mailing list for a chance to win it.

I hope you'll join in the fun on FB and that you'll want to try some of these great 99 cent romances and spread the word about seasoned romances!



Defended by a Highland Renegade released!

Defended by a Highland Renegade has been released as a stand-alone novella. It was previously published in the Enchanting the Highlander anthology.

When Lady Mairiana MacKerrick witnesses her fiancé, Alec Lindsay, committing a murder three days before their wedding, she decides she must run away. Darack Grant, secretly an outlaw MacGregor, is on a clandestine mission, but when he finds Mairiana hiding in the stables, he decides to help her escape. He remembers the lovely lass from their one meeting a few years before. Though he was drawn to her, he always saw her as far beyond his reach. Mairiana finds her hidden inner strength and trusts the Highland renegade to protect her on their journey through the Scottish Highlands. On the way, they find an astonishing passion. But Alec will stop at nothing to reclaim his betrothed and destroy Darack, even pin a murder on him.


Darack MacGregor Grant stepped into the horse's stall, wishing he could take the pitchfork to O'Quigley, the stable master. Nay, 'twas the thief Alec Lindsay he wished to see on the end of the pitchfork—or better yet, a sword.
Darack forked up a pile of horse dung and tossed it into the large wooden wheelbarrow sitting just outside the door. As clandestine missions went, this was one of the worst, but he would do almost anything to see his mother smile again.
He turned to scoop up another pile but his gaze landed on a small dark form in the corner of the stall. He froze, at first wondering if the person hunched there would ambush him. They did not move.
"What are you doing there?" he blurted in a quiet tone. Were his eyes deceiving him in the low light? Had he lost so much sleep he was imagining things?
As his eyes adjusted to the dimness, he saw 'twas a lass wearing a black cloak, sitting on the ground with her knees drawn up. Her face was pale and her eyes wide.
"Hurry up in there, Grant!" O'Quigley yelled in the doorway as he passed. "You've ten more stalls to clean afore bedtime. Several guests will be arriving in the morn. The stables will be full to overflowing."
"Aye," Darack called back, forking more dung into the wheelbarrow. His gaze returned to the lass.
She placed a finger before her lips.
"What are you doing in here?" he whispered.
She rose to her full height, which was still almost a foot shorter than his own six feet, four inches. Even though the stall was dimly lit, he now recognized her—Lady Mairiana MacKerrick. Of course, he'd heard all the servants talking about how Alec was to marry her in a few days' time. He remembered her from a few years ago, when he'd gone with his cousin, the Grant chief, to Rornoch Castle to visit with her brothers. He'd thought her an overindulged and bratty young lass.
He doubted she would remember him.
When she didn't answer, he asked, "M'lady? Is something amiss?"
She took a step forward. "Darack MacGregor?"
"You must not speak that name here," he whispered, glancing at the open doorway. "I'm known as Darack Grant now." She should well remember the MacGregor name had been outlawed near the whole of their lives. To claim the name was to ask to be strung up on the gallows. His own father, the MacGregor chief, had been executed in Edinburgh when Darack was just a lad. Since then, they had lived like outlaws and vagabonds.
"I'm surprised you remember me," he said. "Do you need help, Lady Mairiana?"
"Aye. Do you promise to tell no one?" she whispered.
"Of course."
"I must find my way home, back to Rornoch." Tears glistened in her eyes.
Confused by her words, he frowned. "I thought you were going to marry Alec Lindsay in a few days."
"I was going to but… I cannot. He…" Clamping her lips between her teeth, she shook her head, blinking back more tears. "He is not the man I thought he was. Can you help me get back to my brothers?"
"Saints, lass," Darack hissed. What the devil was he supposed to do now? Hearing the footsteps of the stable master, he forked more manure into the wheelbarrow. If he left now, he couldn't complete the task he'd come here for.
Once O'Quigley's footsteps receded, he turned back to her. "Why did you decide not to marry him?"
"Alec is a thief, a liar and…."
Darack knew that already. 'Twas why he was here pretending to be a stable hand in need of work. The bastard Alec had stolen his mother's valuable brooch at a gathering of Highland clans two months ago. His father had given her the brooch on the day they married, many years ago. His mother treasured it above all things. 'Twas the only material possession she had from his father. Because of the king's proclamation fifteen years ago and the many MacGregor men executed, those still living—mainly women and children—had been forced to flee their own lands and take refuge with allied clans. Darack and his mother had sought the protection of her clan and, since then, pretended to be Grants. The MacGregors disbursed to the four winds like so much thistle down… Children of the Mist.
He couldn't give up on finding the brooch, the rightful property of his mother, something she valued so highly she'd rather starve than to sell it to buy food. Of course, he would never let it come to that, anyway. He and his kin always provided for his mother.
"What did Alec steal?" Darack asked.
"My brother's priceless dagger. He is also…" She snapped her mouth closed.
She crept closer to him, then tugged at his arm until he leaned down. "He is also a murderer," she whispered so softly into his ear he could hardly hear her. She motioned with her thumb over her shoulder.

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A Very Jaguar Christmas Made Fresh Pick! & Giveaway!
And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a–
Okay, hold on here, OF COURSE, no mice would be stirring in this house. This is a jaguar shifter house!
VeryJaguaryChristmas_select (2)
A Very Jaguar Christmas (Book 5)

fairy-ornament-900You thought I was going to say Santa and the elves, didn’t you? But the fairies create havoc with everything I do, so I figured I’d hedge my bets and mention them instead. I was at a luncheon in Old Spring and it was a gloomy, rainy day, and when I say rain, I mean, icy cold rain all day. But not to be thwarted as I never get down there and I wanted to see if they had anything unique for Christmas gifts, I trudged through the puddles of water in the rain, and every shop was just as cold as I was.
In Salado, also an old Texas town that reminds me a little of Old Spring, the shops would be filled with the fragrance of wassail, Christmas cinnamon spices, or coffee. Not here. The shops would sport a Christmas tree, each having its own beautiful theme.
Salado Christmas 2012 002 (605x800)But not here. When I reached the German Gift House, they had mulled wine and German cookies, and best of all a genuine, beautiful Old Saint Nick. I was wet, cold and my hair was a mess from wearing the hood up on my raincoat for two hours in the rain, and when they asked if I wanted my picture taken with Santa, I said no. Then they talked me into it, and I was so glad they did. My dad’s paternal grandparents were German, Wilde, which means wild. Here we thought he was a wild Irishman, but he was a wild German instead. The Irish and Scottish and French, and the German Cremers/Cramer were on my mother’s side.german-santa-and-me-2-german-shop
I felt that the rain would turn to snow at any second, I was so cold. It was perfect to get me in the mood for writing more on Loving the White Bear.  I’m glad they convinced me to take that shot with the best looking, most realistic Santa I’ve ever met. I’d never had mulled wine before, and it did help to warm me up a bit, and after buying a couple of lovely German ornaments for my daughter and son-in-law’s tree and my son’s, I was off, trudging through the cold rain again.
But I didn’t need to shop any more, looking for that special Christmas gift. I had already found it. A little bit of Christmas, German style, on a cold, rainy day in Texas.
Celebrate the season with these festive holiday reads! Click here to be entered to win!
The winner will receive the following Sourcebooks Casablanca titles:
A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas by Kim Redford
Mistletoe Between Friends / The Snowflake Inn by Samantha Chase
A Very Jaguar Christmas by Terry Spear
A Cowboy Christmas Miracle by Carolyn Brown
True-Blue Cowboy Christmas by Nicole Helm

December 8, 2016
The Fresh Pick is chosen by a group of readers and is never a purchased advertisement or promotion. We’ve picked this book because it appeals to us and we like to share our diverse tastes in reading and hope you’ll give it a try.

Jaguar Fever!

Have a great day !
Terry Spear
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Post Thanksgiving Reflections

I attended Thanksgiving this year at the home of my sister-and-brother-in-law. There were 36 people for Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, it was a zoo, but also fun (except for the untrained dog who ruined my daughter's brand new dress, my favorite black sweater and two pairs of tights - and that was just in my family, lol).

The ages ranged from the cutest 2 year old all the way up to the sweetest 83 year old, who had brought lots of her jewelry to pass out to her daughters-in-law, granddaughters and great-granddaughters. I think she enjoyed it.

What struck me most about this celebration is that approximately 1/3 of the guests were from other countries. One family was from Holland, one matriarch from Columbia (via Lebanon) and another family from Ukraine. So it really was an international gathering for this uniquely American holiday. Although all of these people lived in America, they mostly were not American citizens, nor did they aspire to be Americans. They are working here, raising families here, but very much attached to their home countries. It gave me a different viewpoint of the whole immigration picture.

Here was my laugh for the day. My family was staying in a hotel. We booked one room for my husband and myself and two kids (another was staying with her cousins). My daughter and I checked in first, around 9 pm because she was sick. I asked if they had a cot so the sick one and the healthy one didn't have to share a bed. 

The clerk gave me a strange look and said, "You have a nice two-bedroom suite with a king bed in one room, two double beds in the other bedroom, and a pull-out sofa in the living room." She regarded the  two of us standing there. "Do you still need the cot?"

LOL I guess they had upgraded us, but I don't think she even knew it was an upgrade. She just thought I was crazy. But we did enjoy the suite!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday!
Chrstmas Short Stories Coming Up!
Starting in December, some authors will have Christmas short stories to share. So be sure to drop in and enjoy at https://terryspear.wordpress.com/ !

This is one of the Christmas Santas I make with a mohair beard, mohair bear and tapestry cloak.
Okay, off to start the story at the REAL beginning. I always think of famous scientists who work and work and work on finding cures or what not, and they don’t just have that breakthrough on the first trial. At least, most don’t. Sometimes it’s the same for me when I’m writing the beginning of a story. I don’t know the characters at all. And as I’m writing, I realize they need a different beginning.

The same thing for photography. I was watching a DIY venture into creating hearts or other shapes for bokeh. And in this, the DIYer was showing the mistakes he made in his first trial and error attempts at creating this–first in cutting out his shapes: too big, too ragged (not clean enough cut edges), and then when taking the pictures–not having a good light source to create the bokeh.
The same can be said for life. My hard mineral water was leaving awful water marks on the shower glass. I’ve tried a ton of different methods to clean it off. After cleaning off a lot of it, I have been using a squeegy to remove the water after every shower to try prevent the water (minerals) from making more of a mess. That really helps.

So for writing, I have to remind myself, sometimes the beginning isn’t really the beginning. The rest I’ve written often just needs to be moved further along. Or, sometimes it just needs to be tossed as it doesn’t work for my new vision.

I’m not for sure until I begin to write the new beginning. And will it work this time? Who knows!

Maybe. But that is only the beginning.

Have a super, wonderful day!
Terry Spear
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Happy Thanksgiving to all!
I hope you will forgive me for taking the day off. I’m so stuffed with turkey that I can barely move off the couch!

But I’ll try to leave you with a smile…

For authors (and those who love them):

“The past, the present and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.”

Was that an awful groaner of a joke? How about this one:

“Let’s eat, Grandma.  Let’s eat Grandma.  Commas save lives!!!”

Still groaning? Okay, remember…

“No matter how much you push the envelope, it will always be stationery.”

I hope you enjoy your weekend with family and friends. And don’t get on the scale until at least Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving to all,


Great Review for Choose Me
It's always great when an author knows she's found her readers. Especially when writing to a niche market like mature romances. My Silver Fox Romances are at their core small town romances. The heroes are sexy firefighters and contractors - and over 40. And while I hear from many readers that they are looking for romances with older characters, it's hard to get the message out to those readers. But I have faith that it will happen and part of that is visibility. And reviews.

Reviews are slowly coming in, and this one for Choose Me from Scandalicious Book Review made my day because I knew I'd found the readership I'm writing for. The review says in part:

"...Choose Me is silver fox romance at its best. We have easily relatable couples that are mature enough to see past the distractions and insecurities. They are mature enough to talk and more importantly, listen to each other even when they both fuck up. Experience like that is hard earned and much appreciated. I strongly recommend you try this book/series. Natasha Moore has tapped into something that has sparked an ember in my reading fire and I can’t wait to see what else she gives us next. Rick has a herd of brothers, and friends around town and Eve’s girlfriends are a hoot, so plenty of future story potential can be found in the secondary characters. In fact, Rescue Me is out now…I’ll be reading that one next!"

You can read the review in full here.  

If you'd like to read romances with mature characters, give Choose Me a try. And if you like it, recommend it to your friends, because I think word of mouth is the strongest way to reach potential readers. And to find the readers who are looking for the books we write.

Buy Choose Me
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