NEWSFLASH: I am a mono-tasker (and so are you)

I am VERY pleased to report that the New York Times has confirmed what I have long suspected: that multi-tasking is not humanly possible. Not. Humanly. Possible.

To quote:  “Think you can get more done by juggling multiple tasks? Think again.”

Earl K. Miller, a neuroscience professor at the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says that when you shuttle back and forth between tasks, the neural networks of your brain have to backtrack to figure out where they left off and then reconfigure to go forward again on that particular subject. This extra brain activity causes you to slow down, not speed up, with the stuff you’re doing.

But here’s the paragraph that justified my one-thing-at-a-time mindset:

“Trying to multitask impedes creativity. Truly innovative thinking arises when we allow our brains to follow a logical path of associated thoughts and ideas, and this is more likely when we can focus on a single mental pathway for an extended period.”

The article acknowledges it’s not always realistic to block off hours for a single task, but even committing to mono-tasking for five minutes at a time can yield productivity benefits.

And there were a few suggestions that can help:

Remove temptation.  Actively resist the urge to check social media. You can even install an anti-distraction program if your self-control is nonexistent.

Work on just one screen. Put away your cell phone and turn off the TV or any second monitor.

Move.  If you find yourself losing focus, get up and briefly walk around. When you’re done, it’s easier to refocus on the task at hand.

Work in intervals.  Set a timer for five or 10 minutes and focus on your assignment (whatever it is) for that amount of time. Then allow yourself a minute of distraction, as long as you get back to your task for another five or 10 minute interval.

Hey! It works! I just wrote this blog post in five minutes by sitting my butt in the computer chair and concentrating on finishing it. Now, about that distraction/reward suggestion above? I’m off to watch one (only one!) episode of House Hunters International.

Then I’ll get back to my WIP. Promise.


Heart of the Wolf Re-release! Night of the Wolf Included!

After ten years of wolves--and jaguars along the way--have you found your favorite wolf? Or big cat?

I've often been asked that, but in truth, every one of them is my favorite--the ones I'm working on at the time, the most favorite. They have to be, since I'm in their world, fighting the good fight, romancing the wolves (or jaguars), falling in love, righting the wrongs, unraveling the mysteries, enjoying the adventure that every story brings.

What is coming next for the brand new year? Heart of the Wolf and the novella, Night of the Wolf. I've already heard from some fans that they want to see more of the wolf pack.

 January 2, 2018

Book 1 in Terry Spear's Heart of the Wolf series
Their forbidden love may get them both killed.
Bella is a red werewolf, sole survivor of the fire that killed her entire pack.
Devlyn is a beta male werewolf in a pack of grays.
Forced to flee her adopted gray pack when the alpha male becomes a vicious threat, she struggles to live as a lone wolf, until Devlyn, the gray male who rescued her as a pup, comes to bring her home.
When a local red werewolf goes on a killing spree, Bella and Devlyn must flee the murderer, the police and their vengeful pack leader. With the full moon rising, and her heat upon her, Bella can't resist the pull to her destined mate, even if means Devlyn will have to face the wicked alpha male in a fight to the death...


Flight of the White Wolf and more of the white wolf pack.

March 6, 2018
Sexy, hot Arctic wolf, private investigator Gavin Summerfield, is on a mission: learn if an heiress’s husband is cheating on her, but he doesn’t expect to meet up with the woman who tased him some years earlier, who is now…an Arctic wolf like him. Her mission: Keep her secrets from the former cop who could be her undoing…but when the wolf instincts take over, watch out!
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May 1, 2018

The Silver Town wolf pack has your back
Wolf shifter Sarandon Silver's in trouble with the law, and bounty hunter she-wolf Jenna St. James is determined to bring him in for trial.
Lucky for Sarandon, the entire Silver Town pack is ready to fight for his innocence. But until the case is solved, Jenna's sticking to Sarandon like glue...

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 A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas

The cover is beautiful, but not approved for sharing yet...

October, 2018


And I've submitted a proposal for two more wolf stories and another jaguar, these for 2019. So I'm waiting to hear whether they're accepted or not. If so, that will mean another Silver Town wolf story, this one with Megan MacTire, Howard, the former Enforcer with the jaguars who takes on another Enforcer, who won't let him get in her way, and another SEAL story--this one Vaughn's brother, Brock's story.

Stryker Hill’s cougar shifter book will be out also, another Highland medieval, Woodland Fae, and Claiming the White Bear!

In the meantime, I'm working on A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas's edits!

I hope that your New Year is the best ever!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Happy New Year!

From all of us at Fierce Romance, may you have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!