Love Isn't Only for Valentine's Day

What better time than February to find a folder of old Valentine’s cards and romantic mementos? I tugged open the ends of the scarlet ribbon and spilled the contents. Crooked red hearts shot through with squiggly arrows peeked up at me from one page—a page of white tablet paper on which my grade-school crush had covered with images and words revealing that he wanted to be my Valentine. The silver plastic Indian-head ring he had slipped on my index finger during one recess lay underneath other Valentine’s cards and letters from years past. I found a cute parking ticket one boyfriend had tucked underneath my wiper blade that told me how many kisses he wanted in payment. Payment for what, you might ask? Payment for speeding into his heart. Pink construction-paper hearts streamed across a golden-thread-wrapped cord. Those were the hearts I’d hung from my visor after the third date with a man I thought I’d marry some day. Didn’t happen, but we remained good friends for many years afterward. Nearby lay an empty miniature Whitman’s sampler inside of which I’d tucked the fortune from my cookie the night my at-the-time Valentine and I dined on cashew chicken and shrimp-fried-rice. The fortune read: “Someone special will come into your life when you least expect.”

Love and romantic commitment are often explored in the stories I’ve written and published. In real life, I’ve run the gamut from…

Puppy Love that made me tongue-tied, weak-kneed, and at a loss for the proper words…

To a more mature love built on faith, respect, sharing and caring…

Whether your Valentine’s Day begins with …




Or a Kiss

Whether you find a Frog Prince…

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Or spend the day with your handsome hero…

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Always remember true love isn’t simply for romance novel. A loving bond can and will withstand many trials and the test of time.

Wishing you all love and happiness,

Shawna Moore
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