Honeymoon at the Peak

Happy Valentine's Day from Fierce Romance

My hubby and I, though still in love after many years of marriage, don't usually do much to celebrate the big V day. Usually it's during the week, lots of stff going on, etc. etc. But our wedding anniversary, which comes next month, we always celebrate.

I was a mere child when I got married. Of course, I didn't think of myself that way at the time, but since my children are both older than I was when I got married, I realize how young I was back then. I hadn't been at my job for very long and had no vacation time saved up yet, so the best my new hubby and I could do was arrange a long weekend for our honeymoon. That also meant we couldn't travel too far. So we booked a room at the Inn at the Peak, at the Peek N Peak ski resort not too far from where we lived.

The Inn has an old-tme chalet look to it and at the time we were there, it was the only building on the grounds. We were able to get a fireplace suite, a two-story room with a fireplace downstairs and the bedroom in a loft above. It was such a romantic place to spend our first days of married life.

The next day we went down to the little restaurant for breakfast and found it deserted. When we ordered breakfast we found out we were in one of only two rooms booked that weekend. At the end of March that year, the snow was already gone, so no one was skiing. And the golf season hadn't started yet. It was kind of cool to have the whole place, including the indoor swimming pool and sauna, basically to ourselves.

Thirty five years later, the resort has grown like crazy, with more lodges and condos and suites. We've never stayed there again. Maybe one of these years we should pay another trip to the Inn.

Where did you spend your honeymoon? Or if you're not married, where would you like to go to celebrate your marriage to the love of your life?

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Carly Carson said...

Ooh you should go back! It looks utterly charming, it's nearby, you could get the same suite. Dead romantic.

We honeymooned in Hawaii and went back last year to one of the hotels where we'd dined as honeymooners. We stayed at the hotel this time. The restaurant was just as lovely and romantic as when we were honeymooners (unlike some things which lose their luster over time.) I'm so glad we did it.

Angela Hood-Ross said...

My hubby and I do the very same thing with Valentine's Day. Our Anniversary is March 4th and this will be our 5th...so we booked a cabin in Tennessee, where we spent our honeymoon.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Natasha Moore said...

Carly, maybe we should do that this year. :) I'd love to get one of those fireplace suites again :)

Hi Savannah. Have a great time in your Tennesee cabin!

Miranda Baker said...

We didn't honeymoon because we were living in New Orleans and both working as chefs in very busy restaurants. After eleven years and three kids, we deserve it! Maybe in a couple of years - somewhere hot, with sand, blue water and lots of umbrella drinks...

Natasha Moore said...

You definitely deserve it. Although I trip to New Orleans sounds like a cool romantic getaway to me :)