What type of story are you looking for?

Winter is a time when I long to curl up with a new favorite author. And there are plenty out there, fortunately. But I don’t always find the type of story I really want to read lately.

So, what is the one type of story you’d like to see more often?

Sweeping historical epic?

Romantic comedy?

Angels and Demons? Fairies?

Part two: Are you, like me, completely satisfied to have only the reading experience? Or do you really enjoy adding on to it with book trailers, extensions of the story on the author’s blog (such as character interviews) or something else? What would that something else be?

Finally, if you could wave your magic wand and presto! receive a brand new book from a favorite author who is not publishing any more, who would that author be? For me, I think it would be Georgette Heyer, because her deliciously light and witty stories give my mind a welcome reprieve at the end of the day. At this point, I think I have her best stories already memorized. A new one would be like gold to me.




Lexi said...

I would love to read some Scottish contemporaries. I've read a couple, but not many.

I can be satisfied with just the reading experience, but I wouldn't mind all the added extras ESPECIALLY if I loved, loved, loved the book!

I would love to read Scottish Historicals again from Arnette Lamb. I LOVED her books and the first one I read (when I was 22 or 23) got me interested in writing. (Actually, I think that might have been the very first romance I ever read!)

Carol Ericson said...

Carly, for me it would also be Georgette Heyer or Victoria Holt - love VH's Victorian romantic suspense - Mistress of Mellyn, Kirkland Revels, King of the Castle, Secret Woman, The Shivering Sands, Legend of the Seventh Virgin, Devil on Horseback, Demon Lover, Pride of the Peacock, Landower Legacy, Time of the Hunter's Moon, Silk Vendetta, Night of the Seventh Moon, Judas Kiss, Bride of Pendorric - LOL - I could go on, and then her Philippa Carr books - The Daughters of England series. Don't think she'd be popular today - she includes LOTS of description and LOTS of background info. Many times the books begin when the heroine is a young girl. I adore her books!

Carly Carson said...

Lexi, Scottish contemporaries sounds great. I never would have thought of that. Maybe some of the writers on this list who know everything Scottish...

Carol, Holt - that's a blast from the past. I was nothing but a girl myself, but I read them all. I never got into her as Carr. I don't know why. I even love description.

Nicole North said...

I'm happy with simply the reading experience but if there are some fun extras that don't ruin the story, I'll check them out. Fortunately, my favorite author of all time, Laura Kinsale, has a new book coming out in a couple weeks!! Yay!!