I have a series!

by Kristin Daniels

I've hinted at this before, and now I'm bursting at the seams! I have a series! How cool is that?

Nameless Surrender, published in April of 2009 with Red Sage Presents, introduced the delectable and hunky Lucas brothers. Nameless Surrender told Dean's story, and I'm thrilled to announce that Wes's story, Safe Surrender, will be available May 1, 2010!

Carli Jacobs wants revenge. When her plan to bring down the drug lord responsible for her sister’s death goes awry, she finds herself thrown into the protective custody of two sexy detectives. Wes Lucas and Ian Gray are determined to keep her safe.

But there’s tension is in the air, and it’s not just sexual. Secrets are being kept. Lives are on the line, and trust is put to the test. As desire rips through each of them, heartbreaking truths will be revealed and lies will be exposed.

Are the three running away from danger, or are they headed straight for it? In Wes and Ian’s quest to keep Carli safe, will she end up surrendering her heart as well?


Wes stood from the barstool determined to go find Carli when she drifted through the doorway. She wore a pair of Zoe’s leggings and one of his light blue dress shirts that hung nearly to her knees. Her hair fell in damp curls over her shoulders and her feet were bare. The gorgeous sight just about stole his breath.

Her gaze hopped from Ian to him before she took the ten steps and slid into his open arms. Ian rolled the pool cue on the table and turned to lean against the edge, arms and ankles crossed and his head cocked with cool observance. One look into his eyes, however, told Wes his friend was anything but cool right now.

“Tell me,” she said gripping his waist hard, “Tell me everything will work out. Lie to me if you have to. Just promise me, please.”


He knew what she meant. Her inner turmoil was no longer just about Romero, but about him and Ian, too. About the secrets. About the lust. And how all three of them were pussy-footing around the issue when he knew they each were thinking of little else.

F***. He’d put that uncertainty there. In her heart, in her shaky voice. In her eyes that stared at him with a mixture of torment and passion so vivid he could almost feel it himself. And it killed him. The last thing he ever wanted to do was add to her pain. He’d rather chew off his left arm.

But he’d done it nonetheless. There’d been no malice in his intent, that had never been his goal. He burned with a need, a powerfully strong desire to see her taken higher, so high… So beautiful. So his.

He lifted her chin with his thumb and lost a little more of himself in the depths of her sadness. Sadness he wanted to banish from her expression forever.

“I’ll never lie to you, Carli.” The ‘again’ was implied, impressed upon her with his return stare, the sincerity he passed to her with one solemn look. “You will be fine. We’ll all walk away from this, I swear to you.”

He couldn’t hold back his own needs, so he kissed her, tender and gentle. She started to respond—to open to him, to take him in—but then broke away. Her fingers went to her lips and her gaze flicked to Ian. Wes sensed her desire, but knew fear of the unknown, fear of what she really wanted, held her back. He hitched a hip on the barstool behind him and spun her in his arms. Taking a chance—hoping to hell and beyond he was doing the right thing and not scaring her—he pressed her against his chest, clutched her hips tightly and looked at his partner, his best friend over the top of her head.

“Ian, care to help me convince Carli everything will work out, that we can and will protect her?”

Ian lithely pushed away from the pool table and stepped toward them. He stroked her ebony curls and traced the soggy circles her hair left on the shirt above her breasts. He looked at Wes before meeting Carli’s uncertain gaze. “If that’s what she wants, I can.”

Screw the innuendo. Pretense between them was no longer needed. Time to lay it all on the line.

"It’s your decision, Carli,” Wes whispered in her ear, every breath rougher, hotter than the one before it. “This—right here, right now—it’s not about forever. It’s about you. We can take you away, if only in your mind, in your body. Let us show you, let us help you put the last few days—hell, the last few months—completely out of your mind.”


Keep an eye out for other excerpts on my website and don't forget to mark your calendars for May 1st!


Lisa F. said...

Congratulations on your series! I'll look forward to the release this spring.

sherry said...

This book sounds great I can't wait to read the series.

Nicole North said...

Congrats Kristin!! This looks hot!!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Congrats on the series, Kristin!! You'll do great!!! :)

Carly Carson said...

Congrats on the series! And good luck with it!

Natasha said...

Congrats on the series, Kris! I loved Nameless Surrender. Can't wait to read the next one.

Kristin said...

Thanks so much, everyone. I know I've said it before about my other books, but this one means so much to me. It seems like I've known these characters forever, and I'm so excited their story can be enjoyed by others.

Carol Ericson said...

Ooh, hot excerpt. Congrats on the series!