Sports Sexy?

Sorry for the lateness of this post. Please don't penalize me for delay of game, er, I mean...well, I don't know what I mean. My head is filled mind-numbing football facts and recipes for bizarre snack foods designed to please the palette of the most die-hard junk food gorging, beer-swilling football fan, while at the same time being healthy enough so said ingester won't die of instant clogging of the arteries.

I've spent the morning preparing food substitutes consisting of 12 kinds of cheese product, 7 kinds of chips, 3 kinds of meat (one of which I've never heard of), pizza, a veggie platter (that has yet to be touched except by me), 2 kinds of beer, etc. It has taken Hubby and his friends 30 seconds to gobble most of it as they jump up and down yelling unintelligible, random phrases at our TV set.

And that's just at the commercials.

In case you are not aware, today is one of the playoff games for the Super Bowl. All across the USA, people are gathering in large groups to cheer on their favorite team, regardless of whether that team is from their local area or not. It is tradition. It is fun. It is sports.

But is it sexy?

I think it is. I definitely think Hubby is sports sexy. He puts on his lucky jersey, the one with the name of a team on it I don't think even exists anymore and which has only ever been lucky 100% of the time with me, and dons his favorite jeans, which highlight his best assets, and proceeds to act like an idiot with his buddies, yelling and screaming at their teams, the team coaches, each other, the cat, and the world in general. Hubby revisits his youth, and I get to watch. It's sweet and adorable and sexy, and I make sure to complain about the whole ritualistic buddy melodrama so he thinks he owes me a debt of gratitude. He knows I don't mind, but he goes along because he likes the way I always collect what's due me. lol

What occurred to me today is I don't remember many sports guys as heroes in the romance and erotica I've read. I only really remember one vividly, and that was from years ago, before steroids, million-dollar contracts, and dyed hair. Maybe that's why I haven't seen a sports hero as a hero as much, or maybe I am just missing something.

Maybe we writers don't know as much about pro sports as we would need to know to write it so it would be believable. I can write a ballroom dance competitor hero (yes, ballroom dance is a sport!), but other pro sports would require research. I know Harlequin has a NASCAR line, but I haven't tried one of those yet. However, after seeing my boys in the living room shouting and spitting and hugging each other, I'd be awfully curious to read a story with a sports star as the hero. Any suggestions?

This post will be short because Hubby just ran out of low-cal, high protein, non-hydrogenated orange-flavored sausage balls, so I'm off to the kitchen to replenish the supply. I'm sure many of our readers are doing the same thing right now, so I will sign off. However, when you get the chance, please pass along your favorite book with a sports hero in it. Thanks!

Gooooooo team!


Rebecca Lynn said...

I am totally a sucker for sports-sexy guys. I'm a huge NCAA basketball fan (and a mild football fan), so sports hotness is a must for me.

On a side note, the hottest of them all... rugby players. I dated one for awhile several years ago. I've never fully recovered.

Great post!

Carol Ericson said...

Cameo, I'm spared the football ritual because my husband DOES NOT watch football. In fact, I probably know more about football than he does from my cheerleading days and my years at UCLA (although I was more of a basketball fan there). I don't think sports figure heroes are big sellers - at least agents and editors don't seem interested. My favorite book with a sports figure hero is my own romantic comedy - KICK IT UP - about an English soccer star who comes to play in the U.S. and gets into all kinds of trouble. Umm - but nobody has read it except me since I can't sell it! And I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips' sports figure heroes!

Carly Carson said...

The cheese and the chips are essential. I work on the 2nd floor and I can hear hubby yelling from the rec room in the bsmt. Hello? They can't hear you!

SE Phillips, the only author I know. I always hear editors and agents nix sports heroes. Rachel Gibson (I think) had a hockey player.