Struggles of Writing in Winter

Over the last few months my house has become more and more claustrophobic. I believe winter is the main reason for that. I think I’ve said before that I hate winter. Strong word to use and one I don’t allow my children to say, but dang it, I do. I hate winter. The lowering temperatures slowly suck the life out of me. I just find the deeper I get into the cold months the harder it is for me focus and feel motivated.

This year winter has been worse than usual. I live in North Carolina. We may have a cold day here and there, but for the most part our winters are mild. Still unpleasant, (anything below 60 degrees is unpleasant), but mild. This year? Ha. We’ve had a freaking arctic freeze. The last time it was this cold here was in 1977. The year I was born. I know, you’re thinking cry me a river, but I really needed to get that out. So know that I’ve whined, here is my real dilemma.

The uber-coldness has shrunk my house making it feel like the walls are closing in more and more each day. It’s effecting my writing and my creative juices. So I’ve been thinking of ways to help me get through the last two and half months before Spring gets here.

I’ve tried writing at Panera a few times. Remember my blog last week where I said I was easily distracted? Yeah well, put me beside a table of chattering women and I find their conversation on their current maladies fascinating.

That is why I love to write on my deck. There is no distraction, well, unless my neighbors start yelling at each other over the bushes. That happened last summer. All writing stopped as the drama unfolded. I sat back, sipped my coffee and enjoyed the show. And boy was it a show. No fists flew, but watching two men go nose to nose, pointing with elaborate hand gestures, and the slow increase to screaming is pure entertainment for me. But I digress.

I need to find a place to write. I’ve done the whole room switcheroo thing. I started in the kitchen, moved to my bedroom, now I’m on the couch. The only rooms I haven’t tried are the bathroom or my kid’s rooms. The kid’s rooms a thought though. Not so much the bathroom. The room switching worked for awhile, but I’ve caught on to myself and can’t be fooled any longer.

I’m going to attempt my local BOM next week. I’ve even discussed painting some rooms in my house to a different color. Extreme I know, but I’m serious, my house is driving me nuts. So when you get tired of looking at the same walls where do you go?



Nicole North said...

I know what you mean. I live in NC too. This winter has been worse than usual. My problem was staying warm enough while writing. So now I have a comfortable chair near the heat. And I've been listening to music that is supposed to stimulate creativity. It seems to help me get into that writing trance easier. I hope you find a great spot to write. I don't think I could write in a public place. If you do, you might try ear phones and music to keep people from distracting you.?? Best of luck!

Carol Ericson said...

Esme, poor you! I hate winter too and I live in So Cal where the temps have been in the low 70's this week. Just don't like the season. I usually write in the same place all the time - in the office on my desktop PC. I guess I don't need that change of scenery, but then I'm not in lock down mode in my house either. Good luck with the public place - I know lots of people who write at their local coffee place or the library or the bookstore.

Natasha said...

I usually write in the same room in my house. I do use headphones, even there, to block out distractions. I'll take a notebook outside or some other room if I'm working on a problem or editing. Other than that, I'm in my office with my headphones on.

And man, I wish it was warm enough to take my notebook outside!

Julie Robinson said...

I agree, Esmerelda, it is really hard to write in winter. All I've wanted to do this past month is stay in bed and hibernate. I've not been very productive. But this too shall pass. Soon, we hope!