My Anti-Resolutions

Instead of being all virtuous and listing my New Year’s resolutions, of which I have many, I’m going to blog about all those pesky bad habits that I just know I’ll be giving into by the end of January! So instead of resolving against them, I’m just going to embrace them...

  1. I resolve to sneak over to when I’m supposed to be writing at night to watch yet another episode of Lost. I had never watched this TV show, but so many people told me how great it was I decided to check out the first season on Hulu, no commitment there since watching is free (for now). So I watched the entire first season of Lost in less than two weeks while sitting at my desk in my office. OK, now I’m hooked and I do love Sawyer (especially shirtless). Looks kind of like a pirate, doesn’t he?

  2. I resolve to tell my 12 and 13 yr old boys that they’re dumbasses, when indeed they’re acting like dumbasses. (Keep that Parent of the Year award on the back burner for another year.)

  3. I resolve NOT to finish my daily writing by a reasonable hour, say 11:00 PM, and instead stay up until some ungodly hour of the morning when I have to get up a few hours later for my day job.

  4. I resolve to eat dessert at least a few times a week, including but not limited to ice cream, brownies, and chocolate kisses.

  5. I resolve to sit in the sun with a Diet Coke in one hand and a good book in the other instead of doing housework.

  6. I resolve to watch the next season of Dancing with the Stars AND to scream and yell when my favorite contestant doesn’t win. \

  7. I resolve to take at least one trip/vacation this year that I can’t really afford and put it on the credit card.

  8. I resolve to buy another pair of pointy-toed flats.

  9. I resolve to scream and yell and jump up and down at my sons’ soccer games, and embarrass the heck out of them.

  10. I resolve to forget about organizing all my digital photos and put them on DVDs and instead buy one of those digital frames that holds 4,000 photos!

Wishing you all a wonderful, guilt-free 2010!


Nicole North said...

LOL!! Fantastic, Carol!!

Nicole North said...

Forgot to say:
1.Congratulations on your new book release!

2.I'm glad you're hooked on LOST like I am. It's an awesome show and I love Sawyer too. Hurry and catch up. Season 6 comes on Feb 2.

Natasha said...

What a great idea, Carol! I love your honesty. :) Much less stress this way. LOL

Carol Ericson said...

Nicole, I'm trying to catch up before the new season starts. I'm through Season 1 and in the middle of Season 2. I'm watching all on Hulu, but my co-worker discovered the show late too and he has all the seasons on DVD. He's going to loan me Season 2 when he's done.

Carol Ericson said...

Natasha, yes, much less stress (although I do have a list of those "real" resolutions in my head - the number one resolution being "write every day")

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Too funny, Carol! I'm with you. I don't make resolutions, just set goals for my current contracted works, and getting my online lessons for students done, and getting to work on time. No sense in worrying about anything else!