Baby, It's Cold Outside

It was snowing and minus 4 degrees at our house when I got up this morning.

Yes, I live in the Norteastern United States. I know it's supposed to be cold here this time of year., the past couple weeks have hit us pretty hard. And from the reports I've been hearing about, it's hitting a lot of places with cold weather. My husband's brother moved to Georgia a few years ago and is always calling him to tease about how much warmer/nicer/better it is down there. A couple days ago he called to tell us about the snow they were getting.

My husband's already tired of blowing out the driveway. I'm sick of brushing and scraping and shoveling. We had to go out and buy more hats and scarves because they seem to disappear this time of year. Luckily we could still find a few. Now's the time of year when the stores start putting out the spring clothes! This was our son's car last weekend.

Winter has it's good points. The skiiers and snowboarders and snowmobilers I know love to see the snow and cold. But I'm not into winter sports. I only skii on my Wii Fit.

If you love a good roaring fire, which I do, . We bought a new house a couple years ago and I love the fireplace. It has an insert so it really helps warm the house. It's roaring today. See.

So maybe I shouldn't be complaining about the cold weather, but hey, everyone does. It was the topic of conversation at the diner where we met friends for breakfast this morning. The waitress quipped that she wasn't even asking anyone if they wanted refills on their coffee, she just kept filling them up. If nothing else, those mugs made great hand warmers.

The story I'm working on now started out taking place in the summer. But the weather is getting progressively colder with each scene I write. I think I'm going to rewrite the weather in the beginning. I see a roaring fire in my hero and heroine's future.

So, how cold is it where you live? And be honest, do you like it when it's cold outside??



Virginia said...

Here in KY we made it up to 21 degrees and the sun was shining some. It is very cold here too for us. I don't like the cold and we had to move our son back into his dorm today.

sherry said...

I'm from KY too and to me its cold. My truck doesn't go very good in the snow so I had to leave it at work until today. I had to catch a ride to work with a friend. I hate snowy weather I prefer either spring or fall myself because its not to cold or to hot.

Natasha said...

Hi Virginia! My son goes back to the dorm next weekend. I hope some of this snow is gone by then!

Hey Sherry. I enjoy spring and fall too, and I don't mind summer either because we have very few extremely hot days in western New York.

Mason Canyon said...

I'm in Georgia and we got the snow you talked about. It only snowed about a half inch here but then everything turned to ice. Since Thursday the temperature has only been up to 33 degrees for a couple of hours. This morning it's in the teens with hopes of getting in the upper 30s. I hate winter, I want summer so bad.

You mentioned the stores still had some winter clothes. What is it with stores putting out summer clothes in the dead of winter? I needed new ear muffs. No could find, but I could get a cute little tank top to freeze to death wearing. Okay enough. Have a great day. Love the video.

Carol Ericson said...

OK, sorry, ladies. I'm in southern California and it's going to be in the low 70's today with mostly sunshine. I grew up in Calif. and I don't like the cold. I don't even go up to the snow in the mountains here - don't have the clothes for it. Sending you warm vibes and hot chocolate!

Carol Burnside said...

The high today where I live is supposed to be all of 34 degrees (F), with snow flurries expected tomorrow. We got about an inch the latter part of last week and most of it is still on the ground.

I don't like the cold. I have the devil of a time keeping my toes warm.

Natasha said...

Hey Mason! Yeah, this time of year, if you lose your gloves you're out of luck. I don't get it either!

Hey Carol E! I could do with a little 70 degree weather. :)

Natasha said...

Hi Carol B! I have fleece-lined slippers I put on my feet the minute I pull my boots off. My parent's live in southern Florida and their water pipes froze last night!

Carly Carson said...

I love that song, though I haven't seen that version before. I live in New Eng. so it's just been winter as usual. We could have used some snow in the week bt. Christmas and NY.

Natasha said...

Hey Carly! Isn't that a great version? And anytime you need snow let me know, I'm sure we'll have some I could send your way :)

Nicole North said...

Great pics! It's been cold here in NC. Around 9 degrees some nights. Snow almost every day. It's snowing now. I tell people I'm letting a glacier develop in my front yard, from all the layers of snow that has been falling for the past 3 weeks. :)

Esmerelda Bishop said...

I hate the winter. You wanted honesty, lol. But I do, I hate it. The loathing starts when I have have to start wearing shoes, (I'm a total flip flop person) then increases as I have to start piling on the clothes to keep warm. I feel like I go into a four month funk during the cold months, and don't feel better until April.
(My attitude toward the winter is worse right now because it's been way to cold for the south) Thank goodness it seems to be over!