Second Chances at Love

Recently I’ve been pondering the profound effect a loving relationship with a great guy has on a woman's life. Every day demands are aplenty, and sometimes it seems life’s pleasures are waning. But we find we can always rely on the love of our significant other to provide moments of bliss and romantic escapism. Moments on which we cannot put a price but which gain more romantic interest in our hearts with every passing minute. When we find ourselves separated from our heroes and hunks for even a day, the desire for a re-connection becomes quite intense. We miss their delicious kisses, comforting words and the role they play in planning a life together. Though we know we’ll usually see them within a span of eight or so hours, what about the times life necessitates a longer-term separation? Times when we have no choice in the matter? Our careers, family or other circumstances may find us miles away from the one with whom we’re romantically involved. When this happens, we tap into the love stored in our hearts and practice patience knowing the reconciliation will find the loving feelings stronger than ever.

The heroine in my paranormal erotica romance novella, HELLE IN HEELS, is dealt a far more devastating blow in regard to her romance. Helle Hawthorn, the Devil’s daughter, finds herself banished from Hell. Though she’s never been one to allow even Satan to dictate her path in an otherworldly life, she’s forced to use her wits and intelligence to mastermind a way out of a dismal situation. Daddy Devil threatens to unleash his ultimate wrath on Earth if she fails to meet his demand within a certain timeframe. Once she escapes Hades and emerges in Sin City, Helle is faced with many setbacks and temptations—among them handsome men. Since she’s reconciled herself to the fact she’ll never see her former lover again, she decides to bring her own brand of pleasure and a healing touch to The Strip—one man, one massage at a time. She finds herself unable to forget Menlikus, but she also knows her survival, and the survival of her friends, depends on them keeping their cover as the owners and operators of a day spa for men. Helle indulges some fantasies with a few of Las Vegas’ finest, including a sexy stranger who listens as well as he makes love. Despite being able to satisfy some carnal cravings, Helle finds it impossible to forget Menlikus, and she finds herself measuring other men’s efforts against memories of times spent with him. In the sequel, TO HELLE AND BACK AGAIN, Hellé and Menlikus are reunited but I'll not divulge whether or not they overcome the obstacles placed in their paths--some of which may prove fatal.

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Confession time, readers. If you were almost 100% certain you’d never be reunited with your significant other, the love of your life, how easily would you make the transition to romance with another? Do you believe in second chances at love?

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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