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Hi, I wanted to share the great review I received recently for Kilted Lover from BookWenches.

Leslie Livingston is a fan of all things Scottish, so when she talks her boyfriend into dropping her off at the Scottish Games in Charleston while he goes golfing, she’s looking forward to a day watching the games and attending a Celtic rock concert. And if she ogles a man in a kilt or two? No harm in that, is there? She doesn’t expect to be accosted by thugs who want to steal the amulet she wears, and she certainly never anticipated being rescued from the purse-snatchers by a gorgeous and built caber-tosser dressed in workboots and a kilt. He tosses her over his shoulder as if she weighs nothing, and the chase is on. This would be exciting except that the muggers seem to be shooting at them.

Scott MacPherson is a construction contractor, not a policeman, but there is no way he is going to stand there and allow anyone to harm the red-haired freckle-faced beauty. Evading the thieves puts a bullet-hole in the dash of his truck, but he finally gets her to safety on his boat, and he plans to keep her there until he knows she’ll be safe.

Leslie’s relationship with her boyfriend is on the cool side of tepid, so she is surprised when passion flares so quickly and intensely between her and her rescuer. She finds a connection with Scott that goes beyond sexual, although the sex is certainly nothing to sniff at. Her plans to break off her relationship with her boyfriend and ride off with Scott into the sunset are foiled, however, when the thieves kidnap her boyfriend and hold him hostage in exchange for her necklace. What is it about this amulet that makes these people willing to kill for it? It’s going to take a miracle – or perhaps a bit of magic – to get them all out of this situation alive.


Let’s admit it, ladies…there are few things more irresistible than a strong man in a kilt. That and the promise of a little humor are certainly what inspired me to pick up Nicole North’s novella Kilted Lover. This is a light and sexy read with an element of danger to it that keeps the action moving, and I found reading it an agreeable way to spend a few hours.

In this story, Ms. North gives us a hero and a heroine who are both entertaining and sympathetic. Leslie strikes a humorous chord from the beginning with her reaction to Scott, all but drooling over him at the Scottish Games, wondering if he wears underwear under his kilt, and daydreaming about the correlation between the size of his hands and feet and that of his sexual equipment. Scott is strong and passionate and wears a kilt the traditional way, much to Leslie’s delight. And he is just plain nice as well. What else can you ask for in a man?

The love scenes between Leslie and Scott are passionate and playful. Leslie has always been a “good girl,” and Scott brings out the assertive temptress in her. He also encourages her to indulge her kinky side as they watch their exhibitionist neighbors, and they have sex on just about every surface of the boat Scott is staying on. The only thing that stands between these two is Leslie’s boyfriend Fletcher and the guilt they feel regarding him. Having been hurt in the past, Scott is reluctant to poach on what might be considered another man’s territory. He shows himself to have scruples instead of simply thinking with his little head.

Overall, I found this to be a cute and sexy story. Although the paranormal element felt like something of an afterthought, I still found reading Kilted Lover enjoyable. There is just something about a man in a kilt…too bad we don’t see many of them around these days.



Carol Ericson said...

Congrats on a great review, Nicole. I'm smack in the middle of Devil in a Kilt and loving it! I've had so little time to read lately, I've been reading bits before bedtime. Ah, sweet dreams.

Nicole North said...

Thanks Carol!! I'm so glad you're enjoying Devil in a Kilt!! Yay! :)