Highland Games
I went to a local Highland Games on Saturday and I'm sharing some of the pics.
There are always lots of great pipes and drums bands.

New this year. Highland cows!! I love them. They're so cute with the long shaggy hair.

An adorable miniature goat masquerading as a dog.

The local warriors with their swords.

Caber tossing! I must watch for research purposes. The hero of my latest release, Kilted Lover, tosses cabers as a hobby.

Thanks for checking out my pics!!

Nicole North

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  1. Carly Carson Says:

    Do you know the origin of the caber tossing? How often does one toss trees about? I had no idea a caber was so tall.

  2. Nicole North Says:

    I haven't researched the origins. But I do know they held Highland Games in Scotland hundreds of years ago to help the warriors keep their battle skills honed and to compete (safely) with other clans. Also as a social event. There are several other heavy athletic events which require a lot of strength and skill, like the hammer throw, etc. I've also read that when electricity first made it into the Highlands, it was difficult for them to keep the light poles in place because people kept swiping them for caber tossing. :)

  3. C. L. Says:

    I like the miniature goat. He was cute.


  4. Great pics Nicole~I recently watched The Highland Games from Scotland on the History Channel where two brothers Craig and Paul Pumphrey (2 American Strongmen) learn how to stone toss, caber toss etc. and compete. They hold umpteen American and World titles apparently but could barely toss that caber! It certainly is an art form all its own. If you're interested it airs again on Dec 5th--don't know the time though. Thanks for sharing the fun!

  5. Lise Says:

    Nothing like the sight of a well-muscled man in a kilt throwing a tree - be still my Scottish heart! I've seen this event at my local Highland Games (Westbury Gardens, Long Island, every August) and the hammer throw but the Dinney Stones lift that they have at the actual games in Scotland; I've never seen anything like that here. Anyone ever seen that?

  6. Very nice pix. Glad you had good weather. Love the feel of these events, so timeless. Here's a link on the history of caber tossing. http://www.celebrationofcelts.com/athletics.html

  7. Jody Says:

    for those interested in the history of the heavy games check out these sites:


  8. Nicole North Says:

    Thanks CL! I wanted to pick up that goat and take it home with me. LOL

    Lisa, thanks! I'd love to watch that show. It would be fun to see how they learn to do it. It looks like balancing it would be difficult.

    Lise, thanks, I'm with you on that. Love to see those tough guys in kilts tossing heavy things. I haven't seen a Dinney stone lift. I'll have to research that.

    Pat, the weather was fantastic! Thanks for the link!! I'll check that out.

  9. Nicole North Says:

    Thanks for the links, Jody!

  10. Looks like a fun day! Love the goat and cow. :-) The caber tossing is amazing.
    Thanks for the pics!

  11. Leah Braemel Says:

    I do love me a man in a kilt. Why are they so sexy?

  12. Nicole North Says:

    Thanks for checking it out, Jeanmarie! I love seeing all the different kinds of animals they bring to these. There was an interesting almost-conflict between a bulldog and a sheep. Scots are major dog lovers so dogs are generally welcome at Highland games.

    Leah, I'm not sure. Maybe because we know there's nothing beneath. :) Or maybe because they look kind of primitive and hot! :)

  13. Ahhh...the wonderful Highland Games. I don't which I like the best, the four legged beasties or the two legged kind? (wicked grin)

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics!

  14. I love those Highland cows too. We made friends with Hamish, a Highland bull that has his own gift line and he posed for me, too. We stayed at at B&B in Callendar and he was at his establishment just down the road. He is so big that a normal cow standing next to him would have looked like a sheep. I could have sworn he winked! :)

  15. Wow. Reminds me of my visit to the NH Highland Games. Lots of kilts! And those muscles on the men who toss cabers......

  16. Nicole North Says:

    Maeve, LOL! I'm with you there. All the beasties are fun to look at. ;)

    Paisley, Hamish sounds so cool! I've never seen a Highland coo that large. Although it does seem like the ones we saw in Nairn were bigger than the ones I saw on Sat. They must come in all sizes.

    Nancy, yes, I love the kilts and muscles. LOL!

  17. Wow, Hamish is famous! We also "met" Hamish while we were in Scotland. Our tour bus stopped where he was located and I have a few pics of our boys standing in front of Hamish.

  18. ShawnaMoore Says:

    Those are wonderful pics, Nicole :) Thanks for sharing them with us :)

    Happy weekend wishes,


  19. Nicole North Says:

    Carol, I found Hamish online. He looks very big.

    Thanks Shawna!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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