Giving Thanks

Time goes by so fast and life is so busy, that we often forget to thank the important people in our lives. At the risk of missing somebody (and I'm sure I will) this is my Thanksgiving week thank you post. In case I've forgotten to say it...

Thank you to my husband, who's been my biggest supporter for years before I made a sale and continues to celebrate my good news and give me hugs for the bad news, and puts up with my being holed up in my office for hours on end.

Thanks to my kids for being my loudest cheerleaders and giving me the inspiration to lead by example and show them they can achieve what they put their minds to.

I have more writing friends than I can mention and many of them have contributed to my career and my life, a few in no particular order, Juliet, Lacey, Rhonda, Mary Ann, Chell, and Tasha. I'm thankful for my local RWA chapter, Western NY Romance Writers - every one of these women has been an inspiration and I'm grateful for their support. The same with the Passionate Ink chapter, a wonderful group of women who share a love of romances that sizzle. And thank you to all the Romance Divas, a forum for romance writers that is the supportive and giving place a writer's group should be.

I'm so thankful for my editors, Laurie, Theresa, and Bree. You each have made my stories the best they can be with your comments and suggestions, your support and encouragement. I'm lucky to have each one of you. I'm grateful to write for three publishers, Samhain, Red Sage and Ellora's Cave. I hope all three will continue to keep me busy writing new stories for years to come.

And thank you to all the Fierce Romance authors. You are a wonderful group of writers and I enjoy every thoughtful, fun, and eye-catching post that runs on this blog.

I want to thank all the wonderful writers out there who wisk me away from the stresses of life and let me experience life and love along with your characters. Life would be dreary without you.

And last, but in no way least, I want to thank all the readers out there. The ones who shoot me a note letting me know you've loved my stories, and the ones who don't say a thing but continue to buy and enjoy my stories. I wouldn't be here without you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

definitely a wonderful post, happy Thanksgiving early

Carly Carson said...

Very nice. You know, I was in the grocery store this morning, and a guy who was stocking ice cream said to me, "I just want to applaud all you moms who do all this shopping and other chores." I was so surprised! I said you must have a lucky wife and he said she was great. A nice start to the Thanksgiving week. (Actually, I always feel lucky in the grocery store. What an easy way to get our food.)

Cameo Brown said...

So lovely. Happy Thanksgiving all!

Nicole North said...

Beautiful, touching post!!!

Natasha said...

Thanks, Terra, Cameo and Nicole.

LOL Carly. It's so easy to forget that people couldn't always walk into a supermarket and get anything they want to eat.

Carol Ericson said...

Natasha, Thank YOU for the eye candy/inspiration!