Clash of the Covers!!

Embrace the Shadows, a blog by authors Suzanne Rock, Barbara J. Hancock and Dawn McClure, holds a weekly Cover Clash, pitting three covers against each other to be voted on by readers. I was notified that the cover for my new release, The Better to Eat You With, is up for best cover this week!

I'm thrilled that my cover was chosen! It is an awesome cover, and my editor at Red Sage worked hard to make sure we had the best cover for the story. Red Sage's art department came up with a perfect big, bad Wolfe cover.

But, OMG! I'm up against Lauren Dane and Christine Feehan!!!!

So if you get a chance, would you go over to Embrace the Shadows and check out the three gorgeous covers chosen for the Cover Clash, and vote for The Better to Eat You With.

As a little incentive, I'll give you another excerpt:

He skimmed a finger along her ribcage and traced a circle around her breast. “We were good together, weren’t we?”

The shivers just one finger sent through her body reminded her of just how great they had been together. “Think we can still be that good?”

He raised his eyebrows and grinned the cocky smile that had hooked her the first time she’d seen it. “Are you kidding? We can be even better.”

A shiver of anticipation sent goose bumps dancing along her skin. She slid her hand into his and led him through her cozy living room and the never-used dining room, to the small bedroom in the back corner of the cottage.

Elise had indulged in her love of white lace after her husband died, covering the bed and window with yards of it. There’d never been a man in here in all that time. She thought Wolfe would look out of place here with his dark hair and faded blue jeans, but he seemed to fit right in, and in that moment she wondered if she was making a mistake.

She turned away from him and closed the door against the doubts and worries. It was too late now for second thoughts. Wolfe reached around her and turned the lock, a completely unnecessary gesture except for the symbolism. He was clearly telling her that there was no escape. Then he crossed the room to the window and closed the blinds. He’d turned her bedroom into a shadowed den. Somehow she’d lost control of the situation.

Had she ever had control?

He came up behind her and lifted her heavy hair off her neck. “Your hair is still the color of fire.” He ran his lips along the curve of her throat and she wanted to cry from the memories he brought rushing back. “Mmm,” he murmured, his breath whispering across her skin. “I always loved the way you smelled, like sunshine and lavender.”

Elise turned around and slid into his embrace. She breathed him in and tried not to listen to the charming words that rained from his mouth.

“That feels good,” she couldn’t stop from saying. “You always made me feel good.”

“I’m glad.” He ran his hands up her bare back, tracing a line of shivers along her skin. “That’s all I ever wanted to do.”

Really? Then why did you leave me with a broken heart?

Stop over at Embrace the Shadows and vote for your favorite cover!



Carly Carson said...

There is something very seductive about that guy! Good luck.

Natasha said...

Thanks, Carly!

Nicole North said...

I love your cover! Hope you win!

Carol Ericson said...

Love that cover - I voted!