The Better to Eat You With

Did Red Riding Hood get the story wrong when she said her grandmother had been eaten by a wolf? When Nicholas Wolfe surprises Elise at her lonely house in the forest, she decides to use him for sex like he did with her before he left years ago. They didn’t want the same things from life back then, but Wolfe is back to convince Elise to give him another chance.

THE BETTER TO EAT YOU WITH released from eRed Sage on November 1st. I had a great time writing this little twisted take on the Red Riding Hood story. I love reunion stories and I loved giving these lovers a second chance. I promise you'll never think about Grandmother and the Big Bad Wolf the same way again.


She reached out her hand to him. “Come to my bed, Wolfe.”

He caught her gaze, held it, as if he was trying to read her mind. Elise thought she could almost read his mind, read the need burning there. He dove his fingers into her thick hair and grasped the back of her head, all the while studying her still. Silently. Intensely. She shivered, pinned beneath his gaze.

Then he crushed his lips to hers, demanding, claiming. She clutched his shirt and whimpered. Such a weak, foolish response. She tried to pull away, but he growled deep in his throat and changed the angle of his mouth, his lips moving roughly against hers, demanding her surrender. She melted against him then, opened to him, even though she knew she shouldn’t give him the satisfaction. She simply had no choice. He nipped at her bottom lip, then abruptly released her, leaving her dazed and needy.

Without a word, he stood and pulled her to her feet. He kept his hold on her hand and they crossed the yard together and walked into her house.

His gaze bore into her back as she turned and shut the door behind her, hotter than the sun had ever been. Before the click of the latch had even registered, he’d grabbed her by the shoulders and whirled her around to face him. His breathing was as rough as hers. Was his heart pounding as hard as hers too?

“Wolfe,” she breathed and stepped into his arms.

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Nicole North said...

Great excerpt, Natasha!!! And I love the hot cover!! Congrats!!

Natasha said...

Thanks, Nicole. I love that hot cover too. And Wolfe...he's one hot hero. :)

Kristin said...

Congrats, Natasha! Hot, hot, hot excerpt there! I'm off to get my copy!

Carol Ericson said...

Wow, it's a Red Sage/Fierce Romance trifecta this month with The Better to Eat You With, Kilted Lover, and Triple Threat!