What Song Makes you Cringe?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine was full of chaos, but it was worth every minute. On Christmas Eve we have a tradition with my mom and dad where we all pile into the car and see Christmas lights before we do our Christmas Eve dinner. We do this every year, and every year one song comes on the radio that makes me groan and want to jump from the car.

Don’t think badly of me because of the song, I can’t help it and I will explain. I absolutely cannot stand to listen to The Little Drummer Boy. The moment the rapping of the drums start, I want to throw my hands over my ears and repeat la, la, la, la, la. My mom laughs about it every year and then reminds me of how I used to hide the record when I was little.

You see, during Christmas, my mom played that record over and over and over again. Every. Year. FOR eighteen years. When I say over and over again, I’m being literal, not exaggerating. It was like no other Christmas song existed in our household. Apparently, I’ve carried my feelings into adulthood.

I do have another. The Doors Riders on the Storm. I used to wait tables at a pizza joint that had a jukebox. A co-worker of mine used to play that song every night after we closed while we were cleaning up. I grew to detest the song, and I still can’t stand to hear it.

Is there any song from your childhood that immediately makes you cringe when it comes on?


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Natasha Moore said...

Usually its more a matter of nostalgic fondness when I hear a song I listened to often when I was younger. Can't think of one that makes me cringe.

Now, the current hit that the radio stations play ad nauseum...that will make me cringe, even if I loved the song to begin with