Scotland in Winter

I haven't been to Scotland in winter. I don't like driving on icy roads here, much less on the opposite side. But I have to admit I'd love to see Scotland transformed into a winter wonderland, especially around the holidays. The landscapes turn magical in a different way and everything is frost covered and sparkling. I found some photos to show you what I mean. I didn't take these but I wish I had.
I visited Crathes Castle in Aberdeenshire when everything was green and gold and when the flowers in their impressive gardens were in bloom. It is much different in the above photo.

Rannoch Moor
 I have been by Rannoch Moor a few times but never when it looked like this. Brrr!
Buachaille Etive Mor in Glencoe.
 I photographed this mountain in May when it was much greener. We even saw some snow in Glencoe but not this much.
Thousands of Red Deer call Scotland home and apparently they are tough enough to withstand the extreme temperatures. We saw around 300 when we visited.
A furry Highland cow eating hay in the snow.
Here is an amazing video showing snowy Scotland: Scotland Revealed: In Winter If you watch this, chances are you will fall in love with Scotland too.There are also several other episodes of Scotland Revealed you can watch on YouTube. They are excellent!

Happy Holidays!!

Gwyneth Carswell, an English lady banished by her father to the harsh Scottish Highlands, wants nothing more than to take her young son away from the violence of two fighting clans--her own distant kin, the MacIrwins, and their enemies, the MacGraths. She risks everything to rescue the fierce MacGrath warrior from the battlefield where he’s left for dead by her clan. She only knows she is inexplicably drawn to him and he wants peace as she does. When her clan learns of her betrayal, they seek vengeance. Dare she trust the enemy more than her own family?

Laird Alasdair MacGrath is driven to end two-hundred years of feuding with the MacIrwins. But by taking in and protecting Lady Gwyneth and her son, he provokes more attacks from his mortal enemy. As the danger and conflict surrounding them escalate, Alasdair and Gwyneth discover an explosive passion neither of them expected. With the arrival of a powerful man from her past, a horrible decision confronts her--give up her son or the man she loves.


Clover Autrey said...

Thank you. These are beautiful pictures. Wish I could go there one day.

Alicia Street said...

Oooh, these are gorgeous photos! Really evoke a mood and setting that can take us right into your Highlander world.

Angelyn said...

Love that! I've only been to Scotland once when it snowed--a freak storm in Edinburgh during April. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

Sarah Hoss said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. I love Scotland and take any chance I can get to look at pictures of it.

Hopefully one day I can visit.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Clover, thanks for checking out my post! I hope you get to visit Scotland soon!

Vonda Sinclair said...

Alicia, I agree. I hope I one day get to photograph snow in Scotland. But what scares me about visiting in winter are the icy roads.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Angelyn, ooh I'd love to be in Edinburgh when it was snowing. How beautiful that must have been.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Sarah, thanks for checking it out! I hope you get to visit soon!

mjmuse said...

These are simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing your finds.

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hi, Vonda. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Gerri Bowen said...

The photo of the snow covered moor looked so bleak. Beautiful photos, Vonda, thank you for sharing.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Vonda. My Internet has been out most of the day so I treated myself to your photos first thing. Thank you for sharing these and Merry Christmas to you. We sometimes have snow during the holidays, but it doesn't look like it this year.

Hugs! You know even snow photos of Scotland warm my hearts. :)

Barbara said...

Just beautiful, Vonda. I've only been on a lightning visit to Scotland and that in summer. How I'd love to go on a leisurely exporation. These winter pix are great to look at but, honestly, I'll wait for the warm :)

Thanks for giving us such a lovely "wish" journey today.

Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

Very pretty, but I think you're just trying to torture those of us who haven't been fortunate enought to visit Scotland. LOL!

Maureen Fisher said...

Thanks, Vonda. These are beautiful.

Vonda Sinclair said...

MJ, Dawn, Gerri, thanks for checking them out. Scotland sometimes looks bleak or moody and atmospheric, depending on your point of view. LOL

Paisley, Merry Christmas to you too! I thought you might like these. Though I'd be terrified of being snowbound, I'd love to see a snow-covered Scotland.

Barbara, yes, Scotland is much more pleasant when it's warm. Though I've found that it's usually cold even in June.

Carol, you guessed it! LOL I hope you get to visit Scotland soon. I'm sure your DH would love it too.

Maureen, thanks for checking it out!

Margaret Mallory said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing them.


Lizzie Walker said...

GORGEOUS!! Vonda, is that first one Fraser Castle? It looks like it is!

What a beautiful post. Someday I just want to be there. My dream of dreams is to spend a year there.