Baby, It's Cold Outside

A white Christmas is not unusual here in western New York, but up until yesterday it looked as if our Christmas would be green this year. But the snow started coming down and doesn't look like it's going away any time soon. So I'm finally in the Christmas mood and have been shopping and decorating and wrapping. It has nothing to do with the fact that Christmas is less than a week away!

This is the time each year when I like to share a few of my favorite holiday songs. We hear them for such a short time (although some we seem to hear over and over again!) and I love to pull out my old CDs and play them while I decorate the tree and wrap gifts. Since I just finished wrapping gifts, the songs are fresh in my mind.

Here are Natasha's top picks (in no particular order) for Christmas songs this year:

1. The Bing Crosy/David Bowie duet of Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy
2. Kathy Mattea's haunting rendition of Mary Did You Know
3. Eartha Kit's sexy Santa Baby
4. Barry Manilow and KT Oslin singing Baby It's Cold Outside (this is the one I seem to play over and over again this year.)

So, any suggestions for songs to add to my playlist?



Carly Carson said...

I had to laugh when I saw your title. Look to the right on the sidebar and you'll see my book with the same title. I love Christmas music and I think I need to search out your version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside". I wrote the book with that song as inspiration.

We have no snow and it's affecting our Christmas plans as we were going skiing in VT, leaving the 23rd. But, no snow! No prospect of snow! When you consider we had a blizzard in October, it seems unfair of Mother Nature.

Natasha Moore said...

LOL Carly! What a great cover on your book!