The Case of the Missing Cats

We have three cats. Although the two kittens were a mutual decision between the three adults that lives in this house, those kittens are mine. Everyone knows it, even the kittens. I feed them. I cuddle with them, and yes, I use baby talk when they come up to me. Sick I know. But I love them. They’re my babies.

So one of my roommates put up the Christmas tree last night. This is her Christmas tree. I could have cared less if we’d put one up—yes I’m totally Grinched out this year. It’s gorgeous. One of the biggest freaking Christmas trees I’ve ever seen. Did I mention it's HUGE!

Anyway, the cats have to be attached to me almost 24/7. It’s gotten so bad that they even bother me when I’m sleeping and I’ve gotten to where I sleep with a squirt bottle beside me. I don’t even allow my kids to sleep with me at night, so I’m sure as heck not going to let a cat. My bed is my bed.

Last night I got eight hours of solid sleep. When I woke, I quickly realized that I didn’t once have to spray a cat for swatting at my face or wrestling on the end of my bed. Kind of freaky really when it’s been a nightly process for weeks.

So I got up, hunting the babies. Didn’t take me long to realize why I was left alone:

If they knock this thing down, my roommate will kill me. LOL.

Merry Christmas:)


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