Christmas Gifts & a Great Review for RISK IT

For many, today is a time to relax after the craziness of the holiday weekend and enjoy some of those gifts Santa left under the tree. Hubby has already hooked up his new blu-ray player and I'm enjoying a cup of French vanilla coffee brewed in my new Keurig coffee maker. I've actually used my new workout gear too. Yes, I feel good about that.

If any of you got a new e-reader for as your gift, I can heartily recommend all the Fierce Romance authors. Take a look at the covers displayed here. Stop by the author websites, We have a great variety of stories for your enjoyment. I'm honored to be among such an amazing group of authors!

And just this week I was thrilled to read this review for RISK IT, from Fresh Fiction:

Amy Carter is at the end of the line. She has the ideal life with 2 kids, a job she loves and a big house provided by a great husband. Everything except sex, that is. It seems everything has fallen by the way side with the machinations of everyday life between Will and her when it has to do with the bedroom. Too tired and too overloaded with the everyday humdrum, it's time to take matters into her own hands.

Amy rents a room at Paolo's Playhouse, a place to perform all your fantasies while watching others through a one way glass. Dressing in her new black lace sexy underwear, Amy loses faith that Will is going to show. Losing herself in her own sexual fantasy as she watches the couple next door, Will shows up. They renew their erotic sexual fantasies to reignite the flame they once shared.

The sexual fantasies described in RISK IT will blow your socks off. It's probably quite a little more than I am use to reading and is more explicit than anything else I have ever read before. If anyone is interested in detailed sexual eroticism, then this is the book for them.

So what did Santa leave under the tree for you?


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