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Hi, everyone, I had an awesome review from Nocturne Romance Reads that I wanted to share with you.

Blade of the Wolf – Nicole North
Ellora’s Cave
5 Hoots

Review: Blade of the Wolf is a sizzling adventure and sated even my infinite fantasy for hot Scottish werewolves. This is not your run of the mill romantic urban fantasy, which I greatly appreciated. I was mesmerized by this refreshingly new perspective on the normally redundant paranormal romance/shapeshifter genre.

The development of all the character’s individually, as well as, cumulatively is exquisitely in-depth. Who could resist the yummy immortal Scottish Sgian Dubh Guardian, Ronan Graeme. He is the bad boy with the heart of gold. Syrena Ellis, a voluptuous psychic, is the forbidden fruit Ronan never knew he craved. She is the perfect counterpart to his serious nature. The sexual tension and erotic fantasies is orgasmic. The ardent attraction between Ronan and Syrena is instantaneous. What made it believable is the gradual building of the bond, despite their burning desires and intense emotions. This made the erotic scenes that much hotter. As I progressed through the book, I could feel my temperature rising to match Syrena and Ronan’s blazing passion.

Even with a heat index of scorching hot; the story wasn’t just about the carnal delights. I was surprised it had such a multifaceted, suspenseful plot. The villain is the most intriguing character. This is my first encounter with a hybrid vampire incubus. At least for me; this is uncharted or rarely explored territory. It definitely gave Blade of the Wolf a unique and exciting twist. All and all; this is a positively arousing and climactic story that I will read again.

Hats off to Nicole North for a superb job creating an edgy and erotic paranormal romance!
Reviewed by Kyami

Thanks so much, Kyami!!!

Summary: Blade of the Wolf

Ronan, immortal werewolf and Scottish Sgian Dubh Guardian, faces his most challenging, yet enticing, mission in centuries. He must protect sexy clairvoyant medium Syrena Ellis from an evil incubus intent on stealing her powerful life force. She awakens a raging arousal in Ronan, but if he gives in to temptation, he will be punished. Dark and edgy, Ronan captivates Syrena. He is hot, hard and in control, yet his scorching glances and sinful kisses tell her he yearns for her. Even though she’s only a job, she finds a way past his iron-willed resistance. She’s determined to explore the depths of erotic passion with him. They’re unaware that their explosive sexual encounters are providing the enemy incubus with heightened energy, making him almost impossible to defeat. Syrena’s forbidden desire and scorching lust for Ronan could destroy them both.

Blade of the Wolf is available at Ellora's Cave, Amazon, B&N and other online booksellers.

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Eliza Knight said...

Awesome review!!!!

Renee Vincent said...

What a great review!!! This one is also on my TBR list, Nicole. It's funny because until I started reading Kim Killion and your books, I never got into Highlander romances. So glad you two keyed me into their glory! Love them almost as much as my Vikings - almost. haha

Congratulations on the wonderful review! I am so happy for you!

Alexa said...

Wow, Nicole, how awesome! Congratulations!

Nicole North said...

Thanks, Eliza!!

Nicole North said...

Renee, thanks!! I hope you enjoy it! I'm so glad I had a hand in getting you hooked on Highlanders. Yay! Some Highlanders are Viking descendants, so it makes sense you'd like them. :)

Nicole North said...

Thanks so much, Alexa!!