Rest and Be Thankful

In Argyll, Scotland, Rest and Be Thankful is the name the A83 road has been called for centuries. After walking along the track, or the old drovers' road, from Loch Long toward Loch Fyne, travelers might rest at the top of the mountain and enjoy the breathtaking view over Glen Croe for a few minutes. We didn't have to walk, of course, but we did enjoy the incredible views. I didn't even mind the cold wind and off and on rain showers.
 Before we reached the summit, we stopped at the side of the road and took a few photos of this beautiful burn, or stream. The gorse was in full bloom. (The yellow bush below.)

 Car park at the top of the mountain where everyone rests, thankfully, and enjoys the view.
 I love the gorgeous green mountains here.
 Beautiful views down through Glen Croe. You can see the old road here. This was built in the mid 1700s by the military. Click here to read more about the history of this road.
 The modern road is higher up the side of the mountain and straighter.
Once through the mountain pass and down the other side, we arrive at beautiful Loch Fyne. This is a sea loch which extends inland 40 miles from the Sound of Bute. It is the longest of the sea lochs of Scotland.
 The weather was temperamental and blustery with patches of sunshine along with clouds, mist and showers.

This leads us to the bridge not too far from Inveraray where we toured Inveraray Castle. More about that next time.
Thanks for checking out my pics! :)

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