Three Sure-fire Distractions You Didn't Know About Me

I really liked the topic last week as well as the one for this week, so I thought I'd combine them just for the fun of it. Therefore, my blog post will be about three things you didn't know would sure-firedly distract me (and, yes, I am aware that sure-firedly may not even be a word, but it sounds kind of fun and funky, so I'm keeping

The first and foremost distraction I must guard against is dresses. I'm a dress aficionado and have been since I could crawl into my baptismal gown--a lovely little white number with crocheted rosettes. I adore dresses, and when I'm writing and need a break, guess what I do? Yep, I go dress shopping online. I rarely ever actually buy a dress, but I can sit and stare at the pretty sparkles and posh fabrics for hours. Today I was searching for something on Yahoo that was completely unrelated to dresses, and an article popped up about Princess Diana's spare dress. What? A spare dress, you say? Why, I wonder what that looks like?

So I clicked on the link to find out.

I read the article, which I found fascinating and which you can read by clicking here, and before I could stop myself, I'd clicked on a link to a slide show of royal wedding dresses through the years, which is here if you want to see it. I could go on all day about these dresses, and that's the problem. You could stand a naked man with a million dollars in one hand and a diamond ring in the other in front of me, but if I hear the crinkle of the folding of taffeta seven miles away in a bridal shop, he's gonna have to stand in line for my attention.

Speaking of needing attention, my second sure-fire distraction is my cats. They climb all over me when I'm typing, and most of the time at least one of them is sitting in front of my computer monitor or nibbling my fingers as I type. Sometimes they tag team me, with one sitting in front of the monitor while the other dances on my keyboard. The most fun is when they sneeze on the monitor or do the butt-dancing thing where they lift their rears to get a good back scratch and their little butts rub across my computer screen. I can't tell you how interesting that's turned out to be in the past. It's all good, though, because I just blame my little leaky-butted, emotionally needy felines for all the typos you see in my blog posts.

Which leads me to my last sure-fire distraction--blogging. I love it, and even when I'm supposed to be doing other things, like bathing, exercising, fixing dinner, doing laundry, typing around my cats, dress shopping online, etc., I'm always thinking about my blog posts. I post on about 4-5 blogs, so I've always got ideas clattering around in my head. As a matter of fact, I think that anymore I even think in blog posts, at least when I'm not daydreaming about, well, er, never you mind what I daydream about. You get the idea.

So there you have it. Three things that you didn't know would sure-firedly distract Cameo. What about you? Do share!


Carly Carson said...

Well the dress thing is a surprise. Something different (from shoes, lol). Those cats would drive me crazy. So distracting. But good company, I'm sure.

Cameo Brown said...

Yep, great company, Carly. Especially when I dress them up in little wedding dresses...LOL Just kidding. :)