Laird of Darkness - 7 Sentences

Our theme this week is 7 sentences from my book. Since I've posted the first chapter of Laird of Darkness at my website, here are the first 7 sentences of chapter two. :)

Duncan lifted Alana higher and higher into the cool evening air, farther from her clansmen. Her stomach flipped and spun, as it had the first time Duncan had performed this flying trick.
She prayed silently, squeezing her eyes closed.
For several seconds, she soared, screaming and wiggling, through the night sky. But Duncan held her arms and legs tightly.
“Release me!”
“Be still,” he growled.

How do you feel about dark heroes who do questionable things?

Laird of Darkness is part of the historical romance sale at Carina Press for March.

The book is available for preorder at
Carina Press



Chicks of Characterization said...

Hey Nicole!

You have such a way with words! Those seven sentences are so descriptive!!! And I love DARK heroes, they are my favorite!! gotta love those bad boys with a heart of gold!

Andrea :O)

Carly Carson said...

I guess it depends how questionable. If he's mean to a meanie, that's fine. If he's mean to a child, no good. I think I tolerate more meanness in a hero than some would because I like darkness. lol

Clancy said...

I saw "Laird" as the featured historical on the Carina page when I was checking it out! Very cool.

I love dark heroes, anti-heroes, and villains who go almost good! The badder the better, because when love transforms them into something less bad or questionable, I get warm-fuzzies.

Nicole North said...

Thanks, Andrea!! :) I think you've described Duncan perfectly, a bad boy with a heart of gold.

Nicole North said...

LOL I like darkness to an extent too. Not evil dark, but I like tormented dark. In other words, something has happened to him, or he's had to endure hardships that have formed him into a bad boy.

Nicole North said...

Yes, I'm excited about my book being featured in the historical sale at Carina. It was a great surprise for me, Clancy!

The fun thing about Duncan is that he's based on a villain character, but he isn't the villain. It was great being able to transform him.

Pat McDermott said...

Heroes would be a boring lot indeed if they didn't do a questionable thing or two. I love when a hero appears to be the worst scum around, but the reader and the heroine gradually learn that his motives are honorable.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

The way you write about dark heroes is fine with me - I'm not sure about other authors because I've not read them. This is the first book I am buying when I do get my Kindle.

I'd like to know what he is going to do next so better start seriously thinking about dropping hints for my birthday. :)

Nicole North said...

LOL! I agree, Pat! Those heroes who walk a fine line can be very interesting, and hot. :)

Nicole North said...

Oh thanks, Paisley!! That means a lot to me! I'd consider it a huge honor if you bought my book first with your Kindle.