Kristin's Seven Sentences

Like the others here, I struggled with which book, as well as which sentences, to post here for everyone. Should I go with something already released, or something I'm currently working on? Finally, I decided to give you a sampling of my work-in-progress, Burned and Broken. I gave a hint of this book here a few weeks ago when we talked about our favorite heroes. Hope you enjoy!

Marcus had been dying to do this for so long, to hold her in his arms and kiss the hell out of her. Kiss her with his lips, his tongue, God, with his entire body. And he couldn’t believe she was letting him, let alone keeping pace and kissing him back with a passion that simply screamed Lia.

He recognized the hunger along her curious tongue, nearly growled at the subtle roll of her hips beneath his hands. Was she ready now? Ready for him, ready for the truth? Would she let him have her, like he should’ve had her years ago—if only he hadn’t gone and f**ked everything up? 

Sigh. Poor, troubled Marcus... :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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Mari Freeman said...

Love me some Marcus... nice snippet!