Seven Uncensored Sentences

I don't know about anyone else, but I had a heck of a time pulling seven sentences out of one of my books. Wanna know why?

First, let me say that this topic was one of those that initiated some unexpected self-discovery, in terms of my writer self at least. I discovered that I write very mature, adult material. So mature and adult, as a matter of fact, that I could barely find seven sentences together that wouldn't have had at least one word that needed censored. That's why I had so darn much trouble finding my seven sentences. I still can't believe my books are so densely adult. It makes me smile just to think of it. lol

In my defense, many of the publishers I write for want the sexy stuff right up front and they want it maintained throughout, so the elements of fiction in my stories are integrated into the mature encounters because they have to be. So see, it's not me. It's my publishers. It is. Really! ROFL

Seducing Gracie
is not only the first book I found seven sentences in that I could post, but it's one of my favorites. It was one where I really went "out there" and I loved writing it. Oddly, even though it's very dark, it's one of my bestsellers. I guess there's something strangely appealing about a town filled with damned souls, a kidnapped child, an overly logical detective with a tragic past, and a demon mayor who decides upon meeting his next sacrifice--the detective--that she'd make a better mate than a meal.

Without further adieu, here is my contribution to the topic for the week. As the title of the post says, these sentences are uncensored because they didn't have to be, which, after reading and reading through my books today, is a blessing, no pun intended.

A dream. This all had to be a dream, Gracie rationalized. The violence, the weird little creature dancing and squeaking around the dead woman. The three-headed devil dog. The sexy lunatic with the horns and tail whose gaze never left hers. And her libido surging. Yes, definitely a dream.

Happy Reading!

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