Guilty but in a Good Way

I'm usually not one who procrastinates or loses focus when I'm taking care of household tasks or at the office. The same holds true whenever I'm at the writing desk and plotting, researching or actively writing a manuscript. Notice I said "usually not...", but I'm human and prone to the caving in when tempted by certain distractions.

Tonight, the thunderstorm earlier was a major distraction but passed as quickly as it stirred.

Whenever my favorite Rock band is on television, whether in an interview, video or movie, I'll set aside whatever I'm working on to watch them with rapt attention.

The same holds true when the handsome face of the star of "24" appears on the screen. Can't wait for the movie to hit the theaters and to catch him "live" in a Broadway performance.

Cowboys and rodeo men don't need lassos to capture my attention...especially when they have moves like this rhinestone stud.

Batter up! Oh, yes, I grew up watching baseball with mom and cheering on the best birds to ever fly into any ballfield--the Baltimore Orioles. Gotta catch as many of their games as possible, whether on the radio or t.v. or, best of all, at the stadium.

One of the best things about distractions is the way they energize me and heighten my creativity. Even the most mundane task finds me returning to it with a smile on my face, a song in my heart, a spring in my step or all of the above after I satisfy the urge to succumb to those distractions.

Truth be told--all we need is love and some wonderful distractions to make our days and lives the best they can be!

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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