Flawed Characters

It’s funny. I’ve never really considered my characters flawed. Now before someone says, “Oh no, she didn’t,” let me explain.

I’ve always considered my characters just people. Imaginary, mind you, but their life didn’t start the moment I typed the first word. They’d led a full life before I began their story, maybe with happiness, maybe with heartache. Those trials and tribulations made the characters who they are, flaws and all.

But I’m not big on the word flawed. The one thing that might draw me to a character, make me sympathize with him, may be the very reason why someone else is repelled, thus repulsed, by that same character. So flawed is subjective.

So my characters aren’t flawed. They’re just well-rounded people with personalities/pasts some may jive with while others won’t.

I’ve been told my flaw is stubbornness. (I don’t agree with this, lol.) My stubbornness has gotten me where I am today, so I’ll keep it. But I can acknowledge my inability to waver can mess up other people’s plans at times. I have other flaws too. I have a drill sergeant personality. I’m blunt and much rather have a fit of anger than cry over something. But it’s who I am. My friends love me for it, though I can frustrate the hell out of them. I want my characters to have this same thing. All the good and bad combined into one person and them finding the people who accept everything about them, not just the good, fluffy stuff.

So what have people said are your flaws?

ETA---sorry for the long paragraph. I've edited it three times and it keeps coming up as one long paragraph. Not sure what is wrong.

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