Bikinis, Ice Cream, and Dragons--Oh my!

April for me has always been a month of inspiration. It represents spring, and it's that kind of a time of year when birds sing, the sun shines, and flowers blossom, along with my ever-vivid imagination.

Also, spring is when I can start really exercising and getting ready for summer and my bikini. Yeah, I know what you're thinking--Cameo in bikini? But, oh yes, I do wear one. Or two. Actually, I have about three that I alternate between. I even wear them to do water aerobics. Most of the other women wear one pieces, which would be fine, but these one pieces usually have turtle necks and sleeves. Me? I show up to work out in my bikini--how else am I going to get any sun on my tummy?--and my aerobics mates look at me like I'm insane. Maybe I am, but I just can't stand to be trussed up in a piece of spandex that, when I try to get it off after it gets wet, clings to my skin and wraps itself around my torso like a jealous boyfriend.

So spring inspires me to continue to work out, which is good because this is also the same month that the local ice cream shop opens up. I just had a banana split tonight, and it was fabulous! Talk about inspiration...oh my! Don't you just love it when restaurants that have been closed all winter start to open up and offer their delectable treats again? Is there any better way to shout, "Hey, summer's almost here!"?

I hope you're enjoying this wonderful time of year as well. Happy Reading!

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