Nobody's Perfect

Nobody's perfect - at least, if they are our characters, they shouldn't be. Who wants to read about perfect people any way? Not me. Not only are perfect people pretty darn boring, they're also annoying. I know I don't want to be reminded that I'm not perfect. Do you?

That's why we want to read about flawed characters. People like you and me. Stubborn. Selfish. Vain. Obsessed. Ambitious. Hot-headed. I could go on and on. And what the heck, let's read about characters who are more flawed than you and me.

What kind of story would Gone With The Wind have been if spoiled Scarlett O'Hara had been a perfect young lady? How interesting would Elizabeth and Darcy have been to read about without their pride or prejudice?

And if our characters are perfect to begin with, how can they grow and change during the course of the story? How can they fall in love and earn their happily ever after, if they were perfectly happy to begin with?

Or am I wrong? Have you read a story you loved where the characters were not flawed? Who's your favorite flawed character?

I'm taking notes.



David Bridger said...

I love flawed characters, but my favourite has to be CĂș Chulainn of the Ulster Cycle.

Natasha Moore said...

Hmm, David, I'll have to check out the Ulster Cycle... Thanks for stopping by!