Them Bones, Them Bones

I can't believe it's almost November. Where did the year go? After Halloween on Monday, we'll all be readying for some kind of Thanksgiving celebration and then Christmas and then it will be 2012 and...


I'm getting ahead of myself. All I really wanted to post about was my favorite Halloween symbol. I know that readers probably think I'm into the red devil costumes given that Mayor Sam in Seducing Gracie is a sexy demon; however, the truth is that I'm really more fond of another icon of the season.

I have my moments where I find mummies fun and Frankenstein fantastic, but my overal favorite has got to be skeletons. I love them bones! I think my affinity for lanky creepers comes from a dance we used to do in music class in elementary school. We each had different roles to play, and I got to be the skeleton and sort of jerkily thrash around the room to this bizarre mood music. It was the greatest fun, and not even getting to swish madly about as a ghost, spinning and gliding across the floor like a ballerina, topped it.

I find skeletons fascinating. They can appear scary or thoughtful, sad or happy or even sexy. A skeleton is basically just a bunch of clanking shards of calcium, but depending on one's mood, it can take on the characteristics and emotions of a living organism. Three different people looking at a skull, for example, may perceive the same facial expression as either a scowl, a frown, or a wicked smile.

In Mexico, skeletons and especially skulls play an important role in Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, when the living celebrate the lives of those who've passed from the earth. Tradition has it that they decorate candy skulls and eat them in homage to their departed loved ones, among other celebratory activities. I love going into Mexican restaurants this time of year because the decorations definitely run on the bony side.

So what is your favorite symbol of Halloween? Never thought about it? Well, while you're thinking, I've included some inspiration below to help you focus. Enjoy!


Natasha Moore said...

Mmm, hon, I don't think that last pic helped me focus on Halloween, but, yum, he's fine! :)

Cameo Brown said...

Lol He is fine, isn't he? :)