The best time you can have with your clothes on...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Ellora's Cave's RomantiCon rocks. It's simply the best time you can have with your clothes on! And this year was amazing. Truly. I know, I know, I say that every year. I suppose that's because this Con just keeps getting better and better every year. Here's my quick recap:

I drove over to Akron, OH on Thursday. It's not a bad drive in from Chicago, but it is a booooring one. I arrived around 3 or so and waited for my roomies, Mari Freeman and Samantha Kane to arrive. I get to see them only a couple times a year, so there's always lots of hugs and laughter once we get together. The Meet and Greet was held Thursday night. What I love most about the Meet and Greet is getting the chance to reconnect with all the friends I've made in the previous years.

Paige Tyler, Me, Mari Freeman and Kaily Hart at Thursday Night's Meet & Greet
Again, the night was filled with lots of hugs and laughter and, oh... Did I mention Cavemen? Sigh. Yes, there were the Cavemen. I knew Rodney and Angelo, but all the other guys were brand new this year. And I have to apologize to the guys from years before, but this year's guys? They were great. The best. So personable and friendly... and so damn hot.

Johnny B, Ace, Nick, Angelo, Kory, Cole, Georgio and Manuel. Sigh.
Several workshops were held during the day on Friday. I attended a great one held by my editor and the publisher at Ellora's Cave, Raelene Gorlinsky. She talked about the Path to Purchase at EC. Great info for aspiring and current EC authors. Then came the Act it Out workshop. This one is always a ton of fun. Volunteers act out some rather... Well, let's admit it -- we've all written an awkwardly worded sex scene at one point or another. His mouth went where when her body was turned what way?? Kudos to the great "actors" who showed us just how impossible some of those scenes can be.

Me and Kaily Hart at the Stone Age party.
This year's RomantiCon theme was The Time Machine. At Friday night's party, we went way, way back to the Stone Age. I know for a fact that I've never seen that much animal print or fur in one place before. Everyone looked amazing, including, yes, the Cavemen. Loin cloths, anyone?? Again, sigh. After the guys entertained us with some hot performances, we danced the night away, closing down the party at a way-too-early midnight. It was probably for the best, since we all had to get up for more workshops the next morning.

Mari Freeman, Samantha Kane and me with the guys.

Me with Kory and Johnny B

There was a pole dancing class, Cougar Games and a few hypnotherapy sessions to help your writing/muse on Saturday. Then we all went forward in time to the Future Party and Awards on Saturday night. Sci-Fi and Steampunk and fire dances, oh my! The night flew by, we were all having so much fun.

Cole. Sigh.

Sunday brought the workshop Mari, Samantha and I put together. The Games for Grown-Up Girls workshop was exactly what it sounds like -- a few of your favorite childhood games sexified. We gave away some great gifts: books, fun party favors and even some naughty candies. We're going to have to come up with something pretty great for next year to top the fun we had this year.

Me, Rodney, Samantha Kane, Angelo and Mari Freeman after the bingo party.

The whole event wrapped up Sunday night with the pajama bingo party. Rodney and Angelo did a great job hosting the night. What's better than two sexy men who are funny, too? I was sad to see the weekend come to an end. All too soon Monday rolled around and it was time to head home. And here it is, Friday morning, and I'm still missing everyone. I suppose I should have it figured out by now -- it takes a long, long time to come down from EC's RomantiCon high. I, for one, can't wait until next year.


P.S. I have more pictures and videos up on my Facebook page. Stop over and take a look!!


Mari Freeman said...

OMG>>> So. Much fun.
Miss you and miss everyone from EC. It was a great time.

Can't wait to see you again for RT!

Thanks for posting it all.

Samantha Kane said...

I'm having a hard time getting back to RL, too! Miss everyone so much. It took 3 days for my voice to come back after so much talking, lol.

Yes, Cole. Sigh.

Kristin said...

Missing y'all (and others) big time. I was serious when I said we should all move into a RomantiCon commune. Oh, the trouble we could get into... :)

Helen Hardt said...

Great photos! I totally hated to miss RomantiCon this year :(.