Puppy Party

Welcome to the newest addition to my family:

My oldest daughter always wanted a dog. For various good reasons, we never got one.

This past summer she spent every free moment pining after dogs online. I knew the moment was imminent. Three weeks ago, she and her roommates "got lost", ended up at the pet store, and came home with 2 guinea pigs. (Note: this was the first day she moved into her post-college apartment.) We hoped the rodents would stave off the craving.

It was not to be. Last week, she managed to find the same pet store, and bought a dog. He is certainly one of the cutest dogs ever. A cavachon. He has the sweetest personality. She brought him over to our house on Monday. All the neighbors swarmed.
I had to leave the party to make dinner. After dinner, I went upstairs to work. I could hear the party resume in our front yard. I finally decided I'd better go out to chase the kids in to do homework. What did I see? My neighbors and family, sitting on my driveway, because they couldn't bear to leave and we had put away our outdoor furniture.

"Well," I said, "do we know how to entertain or what?"

So I joined the party (abandoning homework for the greater good). One of my neighbors, a senior in high school, a big guy football player, asked if he could invite his friends over to see this dog. (That's how cute the puppy is.) So here I am, entertaining friends and strangers, on the driveway. No food. No booze. No one would leave.

Who knew that little bundle of cuteness was an instant party?

And let me close by saying, no one would ever sit on the driveway for the pleasure of my company!

Are your pets a good excuse for a party?

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