Take a Leap of Faith!

I'm very excited to tell you all about my soon-to-be-released new book! Leap of Faith will be available through Ellora's Cave Publishing next Friday, October 28th! What's so amazing is that I just finished edits for this book yesterday. I emailed them back to my wonderful editor, and wha la, a couple hours later I have a release date. I'd love to show you a cover, but it's just so brand-spanking (hint, hint) new that I don't have one for it yet! In the meantime, here's the blurb for it and a short excerpt. Enjoy!

When her grandmother bequeaths her a black pearl choker, Mia’s intrigued. Even more mysterious is the note accompanying the gift, telling Mia her heart will know when it’s time to wear the necklace. And it does. As she dresses to attend a company party, Mia is drawn to the choker, somehow knowing it’s time to wear it.

At the party, Mia meets Logan, and their attraction is instant. Only after they go for a walk—and after an unexpected, mind-blowing encounter under the full moon—does Mia learn who he is—the man vying for the same promotion she’s worked so hard to win. Mia flees, with Logan hot on her trail. Once more they give in to their smoldering attraction, afterward discovering the small charm hanging from the choker’s clasp—a charm engraved with a love spell.

Could their sizzling desires be nothing more than a magical push from her grandmother? Or does her heart truly recognize Logan as The One? To find out, Mia will have to take…a Leap of Faith.


A moment of silence hung between them, but the feeling wasn’t uncomfortable. He felt like he didn’t need to rush anything with her. So why the hell he blurted out his next words without a second of forethought, he didn’t have the slightest clue.

“I want to kiss you.”

He’d caught her just as off guard with that statement as he’d caught himself. She lifted an eyebrow and held her breath. “What?”

“I know, I know. It’s crazy, right? But ever since you dropped your plate at my feet, I’ve been dying… Your lips… All I can think about is kissing you. It’s as if I’m being…”

“Drawn—” she said.

“Drawn—” he said at the exact same moment. He inched closer, feeling that pull, that crazy tug all at once and everywhere in his body—his head, his heart and places further south. “Yes. It’s…”

“Strong,” she finished.

He nodded. “Strong. Definitely.” No doubt in his mind. He’d never experienced a pull so powerful. His lips itched to take hers. His hands shook so badly with a need to caress her skin, he thought he’d choke. He hardened just from another quick glance at her lips. “Maybe we should—”

“Test it and see…” she offered.

“Yeah, a test.”

He leaned in closer, tentatively, gauging her even though she was the one to suggest they try it out. When she held her ground and didn’t budge, he pressed his lips against hers. They came together softly at first. Then a hunger, an inexplicable craving, overtook him. He couldn’t stop himself from sliding in further on the bench until their bodies collided. Nor could he hold back from wrapping his arms around her.

She grabbed on to him at the same instant. Their mouths opened and their breaths mingled. Tongues slid easily against one another. The kiss was overrunning with passion, full of questions without a single answer in sight.

He cupped her nape, holding her close as he tasted her over and over. And she was right there with him, giving as good as she got, delving deeper and driving him crazier.
God, he could stay like this forever. She kissed him like she was born to, and he couldn’t get enough. 

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