Positive Witchery

Here are some tips for using magic to improve your life.
First, do you have weaknesses you'd like to get rid of?
This is a Halloween-specific spell in honor of old pagan traditions requiring you to sweep out the dead to make room for the healthy. 
Write down your weaknesses on a piece of paper (parchment paper is best, and a quill pen if you have it. You should also use dragon's blood ink if you can get it.) 
Crumple the paper in your hand, while concentrating on banishing those weaknesses. Toss the paper into your lit jack-o-lantern. As the flame consumes your paper, so too shall it consume your weaknesses. (Do this outdoors please, with water handy.) 

For a second use of charms, use color to portray those emotions you wish to emphasize. (The academic study of colors proves that color does affect the way people react to you.)
Green – associated with growth (naturally), prosperity (yes, lots of green stuff in the bank is good), good luck and health. What's not to like about green? This is the #1 preferred color chosen in academic studies.
Yellow – bring on the sunshine! This color is associated with improving your mood and is considered the most complex color. #2 choice in studies.
Pink – for relaxation
Red – power, passion and intensity! And, of course, love. Has some negative associations with blood and injuries.
Blue – associated with psychic receptivity and healing; makes you appear open-minded and trustworthy  (though too much blue can be depressing)
Lavender – promotes tranquility and relaxation
Purple – everyone knows this is the color of royalty.  It represents power fame, riches, and all those good things that go with royalty!
Silver promotes spirituality.
Grey promotes invisibility. (I have a gray car and I am invisible on the road.) Also associated with depression.
Black – Associated with mystery, power and intrigue. Also death and dying.
White – this is a teaching and healing color. Also considered the color of purity.
 Though witches use color for these purposes, you may note the association that many colors also have with natural life.

The number three spell: Is your workplace difficult or getting you down? Try this chocolate charm *.
 Bake something chocolate. (Nope, not done yet.)
Enchant it as it cools by holding your hands over it and visualizing a pink light.
Repeat this charm:
They used to call chocolate the food of the gods,
May this shift the psychic atmosphere at my job.
Encourage happiness and friendship in a subtle way,
Bringing efficiency and success for us all today.
For the good of all, with harm to none,
By these Witch's words, this spell is done.
Okay, it's not Shakespeare. I think he's more evocative.
Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.
Cool it with a baboon's blood,
Then the charm is firm and good. 
But I know that chocolate always improves my workplace.
*Natural Witchery by Ellen Dugan (Llewelly Publications, 2007)


Natasha Moore said...

Very interesting, Carly. I'm all out of quill pens and dragon's blood ink, but I might have to go bake a batch of brownies...

Carly Carson said...

Ha! Remember, baking them is just the start. Personally, I think bribery will work just as well. "If you're nice to me when I'm in my workspace, you can have a brownie..." But I'm not a witch so...