Up for Best Book of the Week!

Terry is generously allowing me to share the spotlight on the blog today so I can ask a favor of you. I'm excited that my anthology, Secrets Volume 27 Untamed Pleasures, is up for Best Book of the Week at Long and Short Reviews - Whipped Cream http://www.longandshortreviews.com/WC/recentrev.htm

Woohoo!! Hope you will drop by and vote. It only takes a second. If we win we'll get some wonderful free promo. Thanks!!!

Earlier in the week we received a fantastic, 5 cherries review from them:

"Heart's Storm by Liane Gentry Skye is a delightful romance mixing an alpha Navy SEAL with a real ocean lady, a mermaid. In this fast moving tale, we have a man of honor suffering from a tragedy which ends up far larger than he realized. Then there’s the lovely mermaid who’s forced to accept the mantle of responsibility but suddenly comes face to face with the horrible reality that she has to choose between the only love she’s ever known and duty. Top it off with a plotting evil villain who is psychotic enough to be an excellent depiction of a sadistic megalomaniac and Heart Storm delivers a fun read. Get ready for a hero and heroine to root for, a great bad guy to boo and hiss at, and a satisfying happily ever after.

The Boy Next Door by Hannah Murray opens with a chuckle inducing bathtub scene that had me grinning from ear to ear. The dialogue in the kitchen was incredible and after the wine, oh, my gosh, I felt like I was really there, listening in. And I knew things were going to get interesting especially when Jacob got her to tell him her definition of ‘vanilla’. There’s some great storytelling during that scene which inspires hot flashes. The part when she comes home from running is hot too, lots of excellent build-up and tension. I was totally hooked when the present on the table shows up because Jacob’s one word response to Isabella’s question about the object ended up being like the firing of the starting gun at a race but the end point in this story is seduction. This is well written, hot and full of fun. I liked this one.

Devil in a Kilt by Nicole North is a time traveling romance with a brawny Scottsman under a curse. There’s a lot of heart in this story as well as heat. There are a few plot conflicts that interweave, between personal angst, a vile witch and the breaking of the aforementioned curse. I enjoyed Gavin, the hero, and his kilt wearing ways. Shauna, the heroine, was the perfect balance of modern day independence and sexual freedom which put her as the perfect counterpoint to Gavin’s alpha Laird. She’s not loose or scatterbrained, she is a strong woman who stands up for herself and her dialogue was crackerjack sharp. Also, I liked that Shauna isn’t afraid to enjoy the benefits of Gavin’s…kilt. Their coming together was pure romance. The battle or skirmish reminded me of the daring do of the old Errol Flynn movies – dashing and manly. It was very exciting.

The Bet by Leigh Court is a cute story about two bored men who make a bet and one, Damien, ends up winning something more valuable than a horse. Claire is the virginal heroine whose fascination with learning about other cultures leads to both her downfall and her delight. This story is sweet in that it follows the adage that sometimes the best things in life are right under your very nose. The use of the Kama Sutra was quite clever and it made me laugh. Not that it’s laugh out loud funny, though there are a few moments where you smile, but Claire’s fascination with it and what it eventually leads to; it’s a wonderful tool for seduction and the author used it well. I liked this story too because of the way their love grew, like a taffy-pull. “Should she? Oh, proper ladies don’t do that sort of thing. But how do they…?” See what I mean? The Bet is a well told tale of seduction and romance.

With this great combination of authors and plots, this anthology is a "must-buy". I highly recommend it."
Review by Xeranthemum