Something to watch for...

by Kristin Daniels

This summer has been a busy one for me. Between writing, family vacations, the RWA National Convention, not to mention just everyday life, it seems like the days have slipped away. But I do have some exciting news to share! I have a new upcoming release--Chasing Eden will be available from Ellora's Cave on August 19th!

Chasing Eden was a fun story to write. I love the rock-star type--the hunky guy with a velvet voice--and my hero Shane Tolan fits the bill. My heroine's a control-freak graphic artist just dying to design his next CD cover, but she's also dying for a little taste of Shane, too. Here's the blurb:

Graphic artist Eden Foster never expected a sexy game of hide-and-seek to turn into the hottest encounter of her life. The erotic dreams she’s had lately starring to-die-for rock star Shane Tolan are almost enough to make her forget how badly she wants to design his next CD cover. Almost, but not quite. And now here he is in the flesh, ready to chase after her.

Shane likes to play dirty, and he finally has Eden right where he wants her—outside o
n a balcony, tied to a chaise lounge and under his complete control. But he soon discovers it’s not just Eden’s body he wants, but the talented, business-savvy artist, too. Hell, he wants every luscious part of her.

Then naked paparazzi photos from that night show up on the internet. Eden is convinced her peers will believe she slept with the rock star just to design his CD cover. Shane knows nothing’s further from the truth. And in order to prove it to her, he going to have to show her his heart.

Here's an excerpt:

Eden Foster stared between the licks of flames shooting four feet above the bonfire, still unable to believe rock-star bad-boy Shane Tolan, lead singer and sinful front man of the smoldering-hot band Blackguard, sat on the other side. Propped against a huge old oak tree, he lounged on a blanket, casual and relaxed as can be. Long, lean legs were crossed at his ankles, powerful arms over his chest.

Mercy, mercy. What she wouldn’t give to press her lips against the lower portion of that sexy Celtic lion tattoo showing just past the rolled up sleeve of his left arm, or to trace her tongue along the thick black stroke of the tat’s tail where it morphed into a tangle of classic Celtic knots below his elbow.

Okay… A serious diversion right about now would be a good thing. A great thing. A necessary thing. But Eden knew getting any sort of distraction with Shane in such close proximity would be next to impossible.

She certainly wasn’t a stranger to the idiosyncratic world of celebrity, so she could hardly blame being all googly-eyed star-struck as the reason for her sudden inability to breathe. As a highly recognized graphic artist to some of the fastest rising names in the music business, she’d lost track of how many times she’d met and mingled with hotter-than-hot Top Ten performers. But none of them—not a single, solitary one—compared to Shane Tolan.

All six-foot-two sweltering paradise of him.

Thanks for letting me share!


Nicole North said...

Congratulations, Kristin!! Great excerpt!!

Esmerelda Bishop said...

Congrats Kristin!!!